Interview: John Cena Talks Nintendo Switch, Movies and Wrestlemania!

What’s up everyone, I’m back. Well, not really, I’m still out west, this time I’m at Wondercon in LA. Doing a tour of WB Studios this morning and this afternoon hanging with the cast of Gotham. I hope you’ve been following my west coast misadventures on our YouTube Channel. When I get back you’ll get interviews with Mark Wahlberg, Amy Shumer, Charlie Hunnam, Naomi Watts, Selma Hayek, the cast of Midnight Texas, Teen Titans, some TV/Movie Composers and more!

I took part in a small, press conference with John Cena and asked a few questions. Since it’s Wrestlemania weekend, wanted to get this up quick. You all get a shiny penny if you guess which ones were mine. Cena liked us so much he didn’t want to leave. Check out the video.