Insane Super Hero Marathon on Encore!!!!


In the month of May, Starz Network is going all in on the summer Super Hero craze by airing 23 Uncut Superhero films throughout the month and of course this means weekend long marathons. Said, but I own every one of these films and I’m still down for some quality vegging. Throughout the month of May, “The Heroes Collection” will continue to feature some of the most beloved superheroes such as action fantasy Iron Man 3, one of the biggest blockbusters of 2013, featuring an impressive ensemble cast of Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, and Ben Kingsley;  the classic 1978 Oscar®-nominated Superman, starring Christopher Reeve and Marlon Brando; the action comedy Men In Black 3, with award-winning actors Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones reprising their popular roles; the box office hit The Amazing Spider-Man, with rising stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone leading the extraordinary cast including Denis Leary; and the Academy Award®-winning animated comedy The Incredibles, written and directed by entertainment powerhouse Brad Bird. Calling Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves a super hero film is a bit of a stretch, but hey I love that movie, so I’m still down. There are some glaring omissions from this line-up, I challenge you to tell me what they are.

WHEN & WHO:   Beginning Thursday, May 1st at 8pm et/pt, ENCORE’s “The Heroes Collection” will feature 23 uncut films each night, throughout the month, only on ENCORE. The entire collection is available on ENCORE ON DEMAND and ENCORE PLAY.


Every night in May at 8:00pm et/pt.


5/1                                           Batman (1989)

5/2                                           Batman Returns (1992)

5/3                                           Blade

5/4                                           Superman (1978)

5/5                                           Meteor Man

5/6                                           The Phantom

5/7                                           Justice League:  The New Frontier (2007)

5/8                                           Blade:  Trinity

5/9                                           Men In Black 3

5/10                                         Resident Evil:  Retribution

5/11                                         Iron Man 3

5/12                                         Batman (1989)

5/13                                         Batman Returns (1992)

5/14                                         Batman Forever (1995)

5/15                                         Batman & Robin (1997)

5/16                                         Robocop (1987)

5/17                                         Superman (1978)

5/18                                         The Incredibles

5/19                                         Legend of Zorro

5/20                                         Robin Hood:  Prince of Thieves

5/21                                         Resident Evil:  Apocalypse

5/22                                         Zoom

5/23                                         Blade

5/24                                         Underworld

5/25                                         Amazing Spider-Man

5/26                                         The Incredibles

5/27                                          Robocop (1987)

5/28                                          Robocop 2 (1990)

5/29                                          Robocop 3 (1993)


**The Heroes Collection Marathon – Saturday, May 30th beginning at 8pm et/pt on ENCORE


Saturday, May 30th

8:00 pm                                   Iron Man 3

10:15 pm                                 Superman (1978)


Continues Sunday, May 31st

12:40 am                                Robocop (1987)

2:25 am                                  Underworld

4:30 am                                  Men in Black 3

6:20 am                                  Justice League:  The New Frontier

7:35 am                                  The Incredibles

9:35 am                                  Starring Adam West (2013)

11:10 am                                The Amazing Spider-Man

1:30 pm                                  Blade

3:35 pm                                  Batman (1989)

5:45 pm                                  Iron Man 3

8:00 pm                                  The Amazing Spider-Man

10:20 pm                                Men In Black 3