Grammy’s Get Overshadowed by Whitney, but put on an overall Strong Show – Michelle’s Rambling Quick Thoughts

I’m watching NBC News this morning and they call Adele a “New Star?” How out of touch are these “news” writer?  Last night’s Grammys was a strong show.  Not being a religious person, I was pretty offended by the opening prayer, just get on with the show and stop pushing your fake, artificial “piousness” on everyone! There’s something comforting about the fact that Bruce Springsteen never ages or change.  Bruno Mars had a very strong performance. I don’t like Chris Brown music, but he he is an amazing live performer.  Jennifer Hudson’s “I Will Always Love You” tribute to Whitney was great and flawless but it felt weird, off, and somehow inappropriate. Can someone else besides Adele win an award please?  She had a clean 6 for 6 sweep. I was hoping my man Bruno would snag at least one award – I mean, heck they gave Chris Brown an award for that amazingly awful F.A.M.E. album! I love 21, but come on.  Then Adele threw it down and once again showed everyone why she is incredible. No gimmicks, just an outstanding voice.

Who the heck is Bon Ives? I will never understand Nicki Minaj’s popularity I cannot stand her music and she’s a crummy live performer which she once again proved by last night’s weird, whatever it was.  Rhianna, Taylor Swift, Foo Fighters and Katy Perry were also pretty terrible last night.  KP debuted a new song that was clearly aimed at a certain someone. It actually seemed like a rip off/variation of Pinks big “So What.” Only this time Perry angrily sings “You can’t take this part of me Away.” The Beach Boys segment started awful because Adam Levine was terrible, but Foster for the People did a great Beach Boys rendition and then the real thing came out. I loved seeing the original Beach Boys back on the stage! They sounded the same as they did 30 years ago, didn’t miss a beat. Overall a really good night for safe, mainstream music.

Final Grade A-