FX Orders Third Season of Atlanta!

FX has renewed half-hour drama Atlanta for a third season.

FX Orders Season 3 of Atlanta
Acclaimed and Award-Winning Series Returns to FX In 2019

“The Best Show on TV” – Rolling Stone

“The Funniest and Smartest Show in a Generation” – Esquire

“Atlanta is Inarguably One of the Best, Most Innovative Shows
Currently Being Made” – The Atlantic

LOS ANGELES, June 7, 2018 – FX has ordered a third season of the critically-acclaimed and award-winning comedy series Atlanta, it was announced today by Nick Grad and Eric Schrier, the presidents of original programming for FX Networks and FX Productions.

Created by Donald Glover, Atlanta is executive produced by Glover, Paul Simms, Dianne McGunigle, Stephen Glover and Hiro Murai. Atlanta is produced by FX Productions.

“Atlanta is phenomenal, achieving and exceeding what few television series have done,” said Grad. “With Atlanta Robbin’ Season, Donald and his collaborators elevated the series to even greater heights, building on the enormous success of their award-winning first season. We’re grateful to the producers and our extraordinary cast and crew for achieving this level of excellence, and we share the excitement with our audience about the third season knowing they will continue to take us to unexpected and thrilling places.”

The premiere of Atlanta Robbin’ Season, the latest chapter in the Emmy® Award-winning comedy series, nabbed the best ratings of any recent basic cable comedy. The first season of Atlanta won two Emmy® Awards as well as two Golden Globe® Awards and AFI, Peabody, PGA, WGA, TCA, NAACP and Critics’ Choice Awards.

In the recently concluded Atlanta Robbin’ Season, two cousins work through the Atlanta music scene in order to better their lives and the lives of their families. “Earn Marks” (Donald Glover) is a young manager trying to get his cousin’s career off the ground. “Alfred Miles” (Brian Tyree Henry) is a new hot rapper trying to understand the line between real life and street life. “Darius” (Lakeith Lee Stanfield) is Alfred’s right-hand man and visionary. “Van” (Zazie Beetz) is Earn’s best friend and the mother of Earn’s daughter.

Atlanta Robbin’ Season has drawn tremendous critical acclaim, including:

“Atlanta is inarguably one of the best, most innovative shows currently being made… The long-awaited second season of Atlanta is as surreal and ingenious as the first… The second season of the brilliant FX show explores the tension and the weirdness of dreams coming true…”
· Sophie Gilbert, The Atlantic (3/1/18)

“one of the best TV shows period”
· Danette Chavez, AV Club (5/11/18)

“one of the most compelling and hilarious shows on television”
· Business Insider, Carrie Wittmer (5/5/18)

“One of TV’s Best….we should feel fortunate to have gotten the two seasons of Atlanta that we have…. [Atlanta’s] fascinating, revealing, hilarious, emotional, smart, meaningful, and inventive….”
· Alison Keene, Collider (5/11/18)

“[Robbin’ Season] has had some of the most compelling and thought-provoking storytelling and next-level excellence in acting on television, and it just keeps getting better.”
· Christina Radish, Collider (4/26/18)

“????? – Excellent…A superb return…damn funny…fantastic cast…sharp and insightful…”
· Allison Keene, Collider (2/19/18)

“In a rare move for any series in this era of exceptional television, Atlanta has gotten better with age — and I thought the first season was pretty damn great… it would be crime not to watch this piece of American artistry that is often weird, startling, weary, witty but almost always wonderful…”
· Dominic Patten, Deadline (2/28/18)

“Grade A…The ecstatic pleasure of Atlanta is how it grounds nigh-Lynchian strangeness in addictive specificity: stylish visuals, fully realized characters, a feeling for the modern African American experience as a multiverse of tones and possibilities…And if Atlanta were just a comedy about modern hip-hop celebrity, it would be a hilarious wonder.”
· Darren Franich, Entertainment Weekly (2/16/17)

“Throughout its groundbreaking second season, Atlanta has done some unbelievable things…. Donald Glover has told some insightful stories about poverty, the black experience, the music industry, and racism”
· Matt Miller, Esquire.com (5/4/18)

“The funniest and smartest show in a generation… People like Donald Glover aren’t supposed to exist; Shows like Atlanta aren’t supposed to get made… One of the most powerful and influential individuals in town…A legend in the making… Once-in-a-generation originality”
· Bijan Stephen, Esquire (2/7/18)

“It’s the best show on TV, and somehow that’s still selling it short…. Atlanta is the best TV series on the air right now, and among the best ever made….[Atlanta’s] moving and excellent”
· Joshua Rivera, GQ 5/11/18)

“the best damn show on television. With its second season, Atlanta is easily doing what it did the first time: Subverting your every expectation, making killer comedy out of black fury”
· Joshua Rivera, GQ (4/6/18)

“?????… The best show on TV returns in style… It’s TV’s funniest drama and most bruising comedy. It’s the best thing currently running on the small screen, full stop”
· Charles Bramesco, The Guardian (2/28/18)

“Atlanta is definitely a strong contender to be the best show of the year. This season very well may be one of the best of the decade…. This show is easily one of the most creative and straightforwardly funny projects of the last few years. Multiple actors are stars on the rise”
· Todd Van Luling, Huffington Post (4/27/18)

“We’re lucky to be watching a shooting star in real time”
· Brandon Katz, New York Observer (2/28/18)

“Robbin’ Season is so good, it’s almost criminal…. a richly detailed story about relationships and money and black life… wonderful, surreal, hilarious…”
· James Poniewozik, The New York Times (2/18/18)

“there’s no denying that Atlanta is one of the greats”
· Rachael Clemmons, Metro US (2/28/18)

“There’s nothing else quite like it on TV, no series is at once so strange and angry and hysterically funny. It’s a show that smiles at us through clenched teeth”
· John Powers, NPR (2/28/18)

“Arguably the most artistically creative show on television….”
· Brandon Katz, The Observer (3/29/18)

“Donald Glover’s remarkable FX series routinely breaks the unspoken rules of television…”
· Alison Herman, The Ringer (4/12/18)

“As Donald Glover steps up his already-stunning game on the second season of his groundbreaking FX hit, it’s all these things and more. Simply “the best show on TV” will have to do”
· Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone (3/8/18)

“Brilliant, thrilling and intentionally unsettling… [Season 2] breaks even more rules, again with dazzling and deserved confidence… … The performances are superb at every level, and the direction, mostly by Hiro Murai, is equal to the levels of excellence in the acting and the scripts by Glover, his brother Stephen and others… There is nothing like it…What Glover is doing here is really hard. Loving it, though, is really easy”
· David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle (2/28/18)

“Grade A… Be assured there’s still nothing else like it–on FX or anywhere else.”
· Ed Bark, Uncle Barky (2/28/18)

“Atlanta’s flawless second season…. The seductive, off-kilter, brutally honest brainchild of Donald Glover….”
· Sonia Saraiya, Vanity Fair (5/11/18)
“The best show on television….”
· Noel Ransome, Vice (3/22/18)

“As uncomfortable and fantastic as ever… brilliant…”
· Caroline Framke, Vox (2/28/18)

“Atlanta is having one of those miracle seasons that only happens when every artist involved is on the same creative page and operating at the peak of their powers.”
· Matt Zoller Seitz, Vulture (4/30/18)

“Unlike anything else on television… A big part of the joy of watching Atlanta is having your expectations overturned… Atlanta is putting black lives onscreen in a way they’ve never been before. That artistic achievement is in itself educational; it is indeed very special. The fact that the show also makes you laugh hard and gasp in shocked surprise is what makes it almost constantly amazing”
· Ken Tucker, Yahoo TV (3/1/18)

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