Eclipse Magazine presents the GeekScholars Movie News Podcast #068

Jump into the holiday spirit as the GeekScholars discuss which are the best Christmas movie classics! Plus, updates on Clerks 3, Justice League, The Muppets sequel, and more! Hit play above or the jump to read more about this week’s show.

The crew gets into the holiday spirit on this week’s GeekScholars Movie News podcast, which features a very special Holiday Edition of ‘Either/Or’. Which is funnier- Elf or Christmas Vacation? Which is the better telling of A Christmas Carol? Scrooged or The Muppets’ take on the classic tale? The GeekScholars settle these debates, and others, all related to holiday movies!

Before that though, the crew run down the headlines from the past week, including news about: early winners for 2012 film critics’ choice awards, Clerks 3, casting Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the rumored villain for Justice League, Ty Burrell in the next Muppets movie, and some initial thoughts on the Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer.

Finally, the GeekScholars give their reviews when grading the trailer for Tom Cruise’s latest science-fiction movie, Oblivion, during this week’s Preview Reviews.

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