CONTEST: Win a copy of the Transformers 2 Disc Special Edition DVD!



Remember when a little technology format called HD-DVD was around and Paramount pictures announced an exclusive deal with them? Michael Bay was loud and vocal about his distain for the HD-DVD format and his love of all things Blu-ray. Michael Bay, finally gets his wish. Transformers, is now available in a 2 disc Blu-ray edition. See where the battle began, as you witness Transformers in the ultimate high definition Blu Ray experience. Then go see, Transformers – Revenge of The Fallen – in theatres now.  Pick up Transformers  – The Two Disc Blu-ray Edition – including 25 minutes of all new content -  available on June 16th from Paramount Home Entertainment.  In celebration of this event, we have 5 copies of the standard edition DVD to give away. The special edition of Transformers is packed with extras (and more than a few product placements for Hasbro). The entire second disc is devoted to featurettes on aspects of making the technical tour-de-force–and the land mines involved in tinkering with a beloved ’80s franchise. Executive producer Steven Spielberg is very much a part of the proceedings, from his introductory comments ("I think everybody likes the idea of taking something you’re familiar with and turning it into something you’re not so familiar with–like an 18-wheeler become Optimus Prime") to mentions of his films that influenced this one, like E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.


Contest Rules

  • Contest will run June 29, 2009 to Wed, July 8, 2009
  • Leave a post about Michael Bay or the Transformers
  • On Wed July 8th, send your full name, mailing address to co******@ec*************.com – I’m not going to hunt down potential winners, so if you want this leave your post and send the email.
  • Sorry this contest is only open to people who live in the US.


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  1. OMGI I told everybody that Optimis was going to die, have followed the Transformers since I was in diapers. Even while friends were detered from watching the movies because of its lenght, diehard-true fans like myself stayed the course and watched the movie. If you want to know what happens in part three, watch the first Transformers movie in the cartoon version.

    Go Transformers!


  2. My 7 year old daughter likes the "Transformers" movies, but has no opinion about Michael Bay. Does this make her smarter than Roger Ebert?

  3. Roger Ebert is a complete and utter Reh-Tard. Critic's ultimately get so caught up in mechanics of cinema, plot and character developement, that they forget to enjoy a movie. Michael Bay gave us bad boys, pearl harbor, armageddon, and now Transformers; by now we should know what to expect from him. Personally i can understand how some people dont enjoy his movies but there are those of us out there who live for relentlessly unforgivable action movies. I'm sorry I like things blowing up as much as the next guy with a pair. As a critic if you dont like these kinds of movies is it possible to objectively watch a movie? Keep pounding them out Bay! Take your time for a T3 story worth telling.

  4. Bumblebee has always been my favorite transformer.

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