CONTEST: Want to see The Dark Knight???

The Dark Knight

That’s right, it’s time for another fabu EM Madhouse Screening! We have Tickets for the Exclusive DC Blackout Screening of The Dark Knight! The Screening will be held at Washington, DC’s Historic Uptown Theater, Wednesday, July 16 at 8:30.  This is a special Blackout Screening, you have to wear Black or you will be turned away.  If you want to attend, send an email with your request to co*****@ec*************.com. Your request MUST contain your UserID, Full Name, the number of Admit 2 tickets you would like. The SUBJECT MUST say The Dark Knight Screening Contest. I will not accept any requests that do not follow instructions. All requests must be submitted no later than Sunday 13. I will notify all winners Sunday evening.  Check out the official website here and read my interview with Christian Bale.

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  1. Would love to get tickets for this screening!


  2. I stood in line with my printed email to get in tonight, but no luck. Got right outside the place and they told us no more room 🙁 Soooo bummed.

    I’ll just have to live with the fact that I saw the batmobile in person about a week ago parked on the side of Wisconsin Ave in NW. It was sitting on the back of a flatbed truck and the driver was waiting on the other guy who was carrying the motorcycle. They were both headed to Philly for a premier last Thursday. Very cool and lots of folks were stopping in the road, jumping out and taking pictures next to it. It was sort of surreal.

    Looks like you guys got a great opportunity hosting an early preview at the Uptown for Dark Knight. Nice job! I’ll just have to camp earlier next time.

    Rob (Beemer)

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