CONTEST: Righteous Kill, Pacino Collection and Poster Giveaway


Hey, the folks behind Al Pacino’s thriller Righteous Kill have put together a tasty, blood thirsty DVD Collection to give away.  The collection includes a copy of The Godfather, Heat, Scarface and a RigheousKill poster. How cool is that?


Kill is about a pair of veteran New York City police detectives are on the trail of a vigilante serial killer. After 30 years as partners in the pressure cooker environment of the NYPD, highly decorated Detectives David Fisk and Thomas Cowan should be ready for retirement, but aren’t. Before they can hang up their badges, they are called in to investigate the murder of a notorious pimp, which appears to have ties to a case they solved years before. Like the original murder, the victim is a suspected criminal whose body is found accompanied by a four line poem justifying the killing. When additional crimes take place, it becomes clear the detectives are looking for a serial killer, one who targets criminals that have fallen through the cracks of the judicial system. His mission is to do what the cops can’t do on their own–take the culprits off the streets for good. The similarities between the recent killings and their earlier case raise a nagging question: Did they put the wrong man behind bars?

The movie opens September 12. We have one copy of this set to give away.  To win, leave a comment about your favorite Pacino or De Niro movie.  This contest will run August 14th to Monday August 25th.  On the 25th, send your User ID, Full Name, Contact info and in the Subject “RIGHTEOUS KILL CONTEST” to Your entry MUST be complete and done CORRECTLY.


While I appreciate everyone’s enthusiam. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! Do not email your comments, post it HERE. And don’t send your email until the contest close and INCLUDE YOUR FULL CONTACT INFORMATION. What do you expect me to do with just your email adress? Beem your prize to you?


  1. An awesome question. both actors have been in so many movies. I have to go with Deniro as one of my favorite actors of all time. I’ll give my plug for his role or voice in Shark Tales. Loved it. But my favorite movie that he has been in has to be BACKDRAFT. What an intense and heated movie. Okay a bad pun that went down in flames. He plays a great fire inspector. My best friend became a firefighter and his goal is to become an arson investigator. Hope he can do the part(real job) like Deniro played the part.

  2. I’m usually not too into mob/gangster movies, but Goodfellas is definitely compelling.

  3. Al Pacino’s Scarface is one of my favorites. Watch it any time I can on the tellie.

  4. The Godfather movies are a classic and Al Pacino’s best work!

  5. Al Pacino and Deniro have many similar acting making them easily confused. I’ll take Deniro any day!

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