Code 8: Jeff Chan Wants To Make A Movie Starring Robbie amell and Stephen Amell!

Code 8

For several years now, would be filmmakers have taken to posting short films on various sites (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) to get their ideas out there.

Director Jeff Chan has produced a 10-minute short starring Robbie Amell, called Code 8, as proof of concept for a movie (which would also star Stephen Amell) he hopes to shoot later this year. It’s about a young man with powers who has a run in with a militarized police force after committing a petty crime.

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A desperate young man possessing special powers clashes with a militarized police force after committing a petty crime.

Code 8 is an action/science fiction short film produced as a proof of concept for a feature film version to be filmed later this year.

Director: Jeff Chan
Writers: Jeff Chan & Chris Paré
Producers: Jeff Chan, Tommy Dingwall, Chris Paré
Executive Producers: Robbie Amell, Stephen Amell, Geoff McLean
Co-Producers: Art Chong, Billie Aleman

TAYLOR REED – Robbie Amell
ALEX PARK – Sung Kang
DRONE PILOT – Stephen Amell
FREDDIE – Aaron Abrams
DIXON – Chad Donella
BIG JOE – Alfred Rubin Thompson
REPORTER – Christine Pagulayan
JUSTIN REED – Jack Horan
GRANDMA – Phyllis Politowicz
DRONE PILOT 2 – Jeff Sinisac
DRONE PILOT 3 – Peter Huang,
DRONE PILOT 4 – Ryan Freer
DISPATCH 1 – Patrice Henry
DISPATCH 2 – Italia Ricci
DISPATCH 3 – Tonya Dodds Sinisac

Director of Photography: Alex Disenhof

Production Designer: Brandon Mendez

Composer: Ryan Taubert

Storyboard Artists: Andy Cung, Stephanie J. Stine and Michael Fong

Editorial: Married to Giants
Editor: Skinner
Assistant editor: Jamey Wieser
Executive Producer: Denise Shearer

Visual Effects:
Playfight VFX

VFX Supervisor – William Chang
Creative Director – Ryan Freer
Technical Director – Sang Hoon Hwang
VFX Producer – Brian Huynh
Post Supervisor – Steven Huynh
CG Supervisor – Josh George
Production Manager / VFX Generalist – Sophia Jooyeon Lee
3D & Texture Lead – Justin Perreault
VFX Generalist – Melissa Costa
VFX Generalist – Shaashaank Sreenivasan
VFX Generalist – Adam Collver
Matte Painter / VFX Generalist – Jordan Jardine
VFX Generalist – Spencer Wyatt
VFX Generalist – Calvin Hui

HUD & Titles Design and Animation by reactiv
Creative Director: Alon Isocianu
Animators: Jacob Doforno, Gavenesh Patel, Scott Mulligan & Alon Isocianu
Producers: Anna Junger & Alex Nursall

Colour: Alter Ego
Colourist: Wade Odlum
Colour Assistant: Patrick Samaniego
Producer: Jane Garrah
Executive Producer: Greg Edgar

Post Sound: Mach Sound Studios
Sound Editorial: Steve Blair, Dustin Harris
Re-recording Mixers: Ian Rodness, Bruce Fleming

Production Manager – Billie Aleman
1st A.D. – Buzz Hughes, Dave Caspar
2nd A.D. – JD, Racole “Cole” Fisher
A Cam – 1st AC – Dennis Noack
A Cam – 2nd AC – Tamy Santos
B Cam Operator – Alex Kornreich
B Cam- 1st AC – Marcello Altieri
B Cam – 2nd AC – Owen Patry
Drone Operator – Franck Tabouring
Gaffer – Matt Kubas
Best Boy Electric – JC “Spike” Osorio
Key Grip – Andrew Barton
Grip – Mike West
Best Boy Grip – Corey Doyle, Tyler Gutierrez
Set Decorator – Christian Corio
Prop Master – David Tyler Howell
Set Dresser – Chris Newell
Stylist – Alex Cohen
Stylist Asst – Caroline Dingwall
Hair / Makeup – Melissa Meinhart
Makeup – Sioux Sinclair
Sound Mixer – Joe Bartone
Production Assistants – Annie Dingwal, Brittany Meyerhardt, Cliff Breakfield, Conor Bailey, Joe Brown, Alex Dolan,
Locations – Rosalee Mayeux

“Cola Cola”
Produced by: Didier Tovel

“Jameson Ave.”
Produced by: Rich Kidd
Naturally Born Strangers

This film could not have been made without the generous support by Radiant Images, Married to Giants, Alter Ego, Eggplant Pictures, Mach Sound Studios, Vision Film Co, Frank Content, GO Film, Playfight VFX, Reactiv Pictures, Movie Armaments Group, Picture Vehicle Specialties and Cinespace Studios.

Jim Mirkopoulos
Michael Mansouri
Dave Conlon
Danielle Kappy
Michael Schwartz
Gary Rose
Adam Damelin
Walter Barnett
Martin Gero
G&L Real Estate
Lambert Oil
Officer Matt Girgenti
Natalie Paré
Evan Landry
Peter Huang
Peter Cullingford
Matt Harrison
Officer Richard Garrett, 14th Division
Greg Griffin
Jens Jacob
Dominique Van Olm