Big Mistake Trailer: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back!


Every time I see a trailer or TV spot for the new Jack Reacher film, Never Go Back, I’m reminded of Dustin Hoffman’s out of work actor in Tootsie, who – after not getting a role because he’s too short, responds, ‘I can act tall!’

Despite looking nothing like the descriptions of Reacher in the books, the more I see of Cruise in the role, the more I’m buying him in the role.

In Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Reacher is contacted by the woman who has his old job commanding MPs. When he visits DC to see her, he’s told she’s under arrest for treason. Reacher, of course, doubts that – finds it highly problematic, in fact.

A new 60-second TV spot dropped today – with some cool new footage. Check it out after the break. Jack Reacher: Never go back will premiere on October 21st.