Behind the scenes of “Undateable” on NBC

 Undateable live promo 12-12-15
Undateable“, created by Bill Lawrence (“Scrubs”, “Spin City”, “Cougar Town”) and Adam Sztykiel (“Due Date,” “Made of Honor”) returns for season 3! Mismatched roommates Danny Burton (Chris D’Elia) and bar owner Justin Kearney (Brent Morin) are joined by Danny’s sister Leslie (Bianca Kajlich), Shelly (Ron Funches), Burski (Rick Glassman), Brett (David Fynn), and Justin’s girlfriend Candace (Bridgit Mendler) as they continue their misadventures in Detroit’s Black Eyes Bar.  So what makes this season stand out from last season?  It’s live!  What is it like on the set of the only live scripted sitcom on a Friday night on network television?  Read on to find out more . . .

Undateable live sign 12-12-15

I’m a huge fan of comedy, so when I got the opportunity to come to a live taping of “Undateable”, I jumped at the offer.  It was a Friday night in Los Angeles. The highways were saturated with cars, making the freeway look quite festive with red and white lights. Yet not even rush hour traffic would keep me from making the 8 pm live show. Audience members made their way to their seats and I settled down backstage.  Social media was alive, with instagram, live tweeting, and periscope.  Then it was lights, camera, action! From one punch line to another, the laughs were non-stop, punctuated by dancing to the tunes of the guest singer between scenes.  You know it’s a great show when the 30 minutes fly by!

As the audience slowly filtered out after the show, it appeared the party didn’t end.  Food and open bar was available backstage for cast and crew. Live tweets continued.  As I partook of the merriment, it was quite clear that the friendship of the cast from the Black Eyes Bar extended beyond the camera. It’s this off-camera friendship which is what makes the chemistry on the show ring so true–because it’s not acting.  Just like the characters were sharing beers on “Undateable”, the actors were chatting at the same bar over drinks after the show.  Television imitates life, and vice versa.

Undateable post-show 12-12-15

Undateable cast and crew hanging out after the show

“Undateable” is indeed unique from other current sitcoms by entering into live television.  In an effort to be live, the show opts to do two shows per night.  One at 5pm and another at 8pm, so West coast fans are treated to an actual show instead of the usual taped version.  Indeed, no two shows will be the same and expect anything to happen when it’s live.

“Undateable” is hilarious with witty banter and great physical comedy. Plus, it’s one thing to perform in front of a live audience but when you add live television, the filters come off.  There is no “Take two”. Kudos to the actors for keeping the comedy alive twice a night! And where else do you get treated to guest singers like Meghan Trainor and Ed Sheeran and the long list of guest stars, including several former “Scrubs” actors, one of my all time fave sitcoms?

“Undateable” is simply about life from a comedic slant.  And how it’s so much sweeter when you have your friends to catch you when you fall and laugh with you along the way.   As “Undateable”‘s Justin Kearney points out, “A house is a house but a family makes a home.”

Undateable screenshot 12-12-15

It’s a group hug with the “Undateable” cast!

Although December 11 is the last live show for 2015, no worries!  “Undateable” will be back in January 8, 15, and 29 for you to live tweet!  And if you missed an episode, you can catch full episodes in the official web site below.


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Twitter:  @Undateable / #Undateablelive

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