Battle: Los Angeles Trailer Better Than Entire Skyline Film!

With the launch of this weekend’s Skyline [okay cast, horrid script, brilliant CG effects – Final Grade: D] and wide open for Monsters [excellent cast, limited but brilliant CG effects: Final Grade: B+], we are at the beginning of a new wave of alien invasion movies. The first trailer for Battle: Los Angeles has just been released. It’s better than the entirety of Skyline! Battle: Los Angeles opens on March 3rd, 2011.



  1. Came in 4th and made more money that it cost !!!

  2. “Skyline” is a sci-fi horror film that is ‘borrowed’ from previous films. A couple flies to LA for a party and then wake up in the high-rise to an alien invasion. You follow six people as they work to survive. Nothing new, but the special effects are interesting. (If possible, avoid the trailers.)

    GRADE = “B-“

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