ANNOUNCEMENT: Purging Comments from Site

Hey Everyone, I have some bad news. A few months ago some asshole figured out a way to inject spam into our site a few months ago, this caused us to get blacklisted from Google. Fortunately Eclipse has never been highly ranked in the Google Search Engine and even though we’ve been part of Google News since it’s beginning it’s never been a primary traffic driver for us, but Google and Firefox have gotten together to now blacklist certain sites. It’s why I think Google is dangerous, one company shouldn’t have that much power over something that I’ve spent 10 years building. It really is enough to make me just want to shutdown Eclipse.

I always find it scary that all it takes is one malicious asshole to ruin everything that I’ve built.  Anyway, when we launch the new Eclipse in a few days, I’m going to purge the entire Commenting database and start from scratch. I mean really, there aren’t that many comments from the last few months anyway. When the new site launches, please let me know ASAP whenever you find Spam on the site.


Updated: May 17, 2010 — 4:31 am

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  1. Sorry to hear this. You cannot get rid of the assholes fast enough!!! Good luck and thank you for keeping the site up. Keep up the good work!

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