Alternate Reality Trailer: Love Is All You Need?


Imagine a world in which homosexuality is the norm and heterosexuality is taboo. Not only that, but heterosexuals are subjected to the kind of abuse that the LGBTQ community is subjected to in our world.

That’s the world of Love Is All You Need? – based on the short film of the same name that ended with  the note that ‘All the events that took place in this film are true stories from victims of bullying.’

Love Is All You Need? will premiere digitally on Thanksgiving Day. Check out the trailer after the break.


DIRECTED BY | K. Rocco Shields

CAST | Briana Evigan (Step Upseries), Ana Ortiz (Devious Maids,  Ugly Betty), Tyler Blackburn (Pretty Little Liars), Emily Osment (Hannah Montana), Elisabeth Röhm (Law & Order) and Kyla Kenedy (The Walking Dead).

SYNOPSIS | Love Is All You Need? is Romeo & Juliet set in a world where the norm is to be homosexual and heterosexuality is taboo.  In a small Middle American town the star quarterback of the local university is outed for being a heterosexual.  Her forbidden love affair with a male journalist rocks the town to its very core, setting off a series of catastrophic events that will forever change the community.

Love is All You Need? is based on the 19 minute short film of the same name, which was so powerful that it organically garnered over 50 million views and was self-translated by fans into more than a dozen languages, deeply touching and affecting people around the world.



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