A&E Networks Launches *asterisk!

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What are the historical ramifications of our culture – or any other culture around the world, for that matter?

A&E Networks has launched a new brand that addresses all aspects of culture through the lens of history. The result is *asterisk.

‘Asterisk tells the whole story with video, photos, articles, lists, GIFs, Vines and other content types in 10 key categories: Life Skills, Sports, Food & Drink, People, Ideas, Arts & Entertainment, Work, Style, Travel, and Tech.’

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NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 13, 2015 – A+E Networks® today announced the launch of Asterisk™, a new brand that explores culture through the lens of history.  The announcement was made by Dan Suratt, Executive Vice President, Digital Media and Business Development, A+E Networks.

Asterisk tells the whole story with video, photos, articles, lists, GIFs, Vines and other content types in 10 key categories: Life Skills, Sports, Food & Drink, People, Ideas, Arts & Entertainment, Work, Style, Travel, and Tech.  The brand features smart, premium content created for sharing across the social web, and offers marketing partners native advertising solutions customized for their brands and products. It all adds up to a new way of looking at life — and most importantly, a new way of seeing the world around you.  You can find asterisk at http://www.theasterisktoday.com and follow the brand on Twitter (@asterisktoday), Facebook (Facebook.com/theasterisktoday), Pinterest (Pinterest.com/asterisktoday) and Instagram (@asterisktoday).

“We are excited to launch Asterisk and its one-of-a-kind take on culture through history,” said Suratt. “Asterisk offers a unique, entertaining voice and provides our marketing partners a truly native advertising opportunity to create content about their brands and products.”

Developed and managed by RED Interactive Agency, Asterisk covers a wide array of subjects in a vibrant and engaging fashion. Examples of Asterisk content include:

LBJ Would Wipe The Floor With Frank Underwood

“House of Cards’ Frank Underwood is one mean SOB by today’s standards, but he wouldn’t stand a chance in hell if he went up against the 36th President of the United States, Lyndon Baines Johnson”


Backstory Video; Wonder Woman

“In the comics, she triumphed over Dr. Psycho and the Cheetah. So why does it sometimes feel like Wonder Woman can’t win?”


Female Pick-Up Lines: It’s About Time

“We’re ready for some gender equality in the ‘scummy things we say in bars’ game.”


I Want To Sext You Up

“Neil Papworth sent the first text in 1992. It’s important in its own right. It also makes him one of the most important sexual figures of the last twenty years.”


Throwback Video: Devil Sticks

“There’s no app for playing with sticks. Simpler pleasures. Simpler times.”


A+E Networks and RED Games, a division of RED Interactive Agency, teamed up previously to produce the hugely successful Battle of the Beards game for A&E’s Duck Dynasty.  Most recently, the pair produced two games – Empire Run and Frontier Heroes, under Planet H, a new brand extension created for kids ages 7-11 to explore historical topics and eras through play.

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