South Florida Celebrity Chef, Ralph Pagano, Takes His Talents “On The Road” Food Truck-Style

Ralph on the Road is a mini-series of segments for Lifetime’s morning talk show, The Balancing Act, created by BrandStar. For the past 11 years, The Balancing Act has been a daily morning show for today’s on-the-go, modern women to help balance and enrich her everyday life.

These Ralph on the Road segments will feature the one and only Ralph Pagano whose boisterous personality has been paired with well-known foodies like Bobby Flay on Iron Chef to Gordon Ramsey on Hell’s Kitchen. Each segment will highlight Ralph’s culinary talents in addition to the local cultures and flavors of his surroundings. In addition, the shows have invited special guests to add a little spice and flavor. In Miami Beach, Ralph is joined by NBC6 anchor, Kelly Blanco, in Little Havana it’s another chef and colleague, Michelle Bernstein, and in Wynwood it’s NewTimes Food Writer, Laine Doss.

Pagano’s immediate plan is not just focused on show-business, the Airstream will also be seen at Non-Profit events by Gateway Community Outreach, Thank You First Responders, The Boys and Girls Club of America, and 4Kids in the efforts to pay something forward to these South Florida organizations.

Ralph is experiencing a sort of renaissance career-wise as he suffered dramatic burns several years ago at one of his restaurants in the Bahamas. He took time to be with his family and appreciate his home and decided to make more of an effort “to give back” to his community. Pagano has also be a part of another special edition of The Balancing Act, alongside celebrity hosts Reza Farahan, Caroline Manzo, Montel Williams, and Ali Landry which will air May 20 on Lifetime.

The fully renovated Airstream holds a full kitchen and seating area for both meals and conversation. There will be custom recipes made by Ralph and will include participating specialty food brands such as No Yolks Noodles and Ortega Tacos to add to the overall ingredient list of great fun and great food.

“I like eating, I like drinking, I like meeting people,” says Chef Ralph Pagano, “I have a chefs kitchen and a proper place to sit. I have everything I need for an instant party.”

Ralph on the Road aired May 27th at 7:30am and will continue through June.