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The 83rd Academy Awards – Could Have Been Worse!

Oscars 2

Well, that it’s for another year. The Oscars® are done – and the show was only ten minutes long! [That’s not a record – I’m certain it came in on time once, a few decades back…]

For the record, James Franco and Anne Hathaway should probably not be asked back to co-host. Franco was surprisingly dead for most of the evening and it’s only because of Hathaway that I didn’t hit mute whenever they were onscreen after the first half-hour.

My thoughts on the show as a whole – and the major awards – follow the jump.

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Movies: Sheldon’s Favorite Fifteen For 2010


It’s been an interesting year in film. From powerhouse performances [James Franco in 127 Hours; Jennifer Lawrence in Winter’s Bone] to terrific ensemble pieces [Scott Pilgrim vs. The World]; from unexpectedly great remakes/re-imaginings [Let Me In, True Grit] to spectacular animated features [Toy Story 3, Megamind] there has been no shortage of entertaining films.

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DVDs: Sheldon’s Favorite Eleven For 2010

Earlier this month, Michelle posted her list of the best home video releases of 2010, but most of them were Blu-ray releases. Here’s a best of list for the majority of us who have yet to upgrade to high-def.

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Michelle’s 2010 Holiday Blu-ray/DVD Guide!

I’m not a big fan of the year end list or doing Holiday Guides, they are a lot of trouble to write and it’s always tough to come up with that “definitive” list. I say this every year, but do it anyway.  Like this year’s movies, there wasn’t much on the Blu-ray front that tickled my fancy this year, so my list doesn’t have as much variety to it as it usually does. This list also doubles as my Top Blu-ray/DVD Picks of 2010.

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I thought I’d start the show with my favorite movie of 2010, Kick-Ass is a movie that deserves some Oscar buzz, but won’t get any. I don’t know why this movie didn’t get much box office loving, it’s truly a masterpiece of carnage, destruction, and it’s genuinely funny.  It’s worth getting for Chloe Moretz amazing performance as Hit Girl – if she doesn’t get some award consideration for best actress this year, there’s something wrong. Amazing movie. While the Blu-ray isn’t ground breaking, it includes enough features and a beautiful transfer that makes it worthy as my Best Blu-ray of 2010 pick. Buy Now.

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Toy Story 3 is an Amazing Blu-ray Release! Michelle’s Review!

Toy Story 3 Blu-ray Review

What happened? August and September were really quiet months for Blu-ray releases, now it’s the beginning of November and in the last three weeks I’ve been swamped with incredible Blu-ray releases that I have to wade through. Yeah, I know it sucks to be me. Disney Pixar’sToy Story 3 is probably the best Blu-ray release of 2010 (that is until I get a chance to look at the rest of this large stack on my desk), so I’ll hedge my bets by saying it’s one of the best of 2010.

What gives it the edge is that not only is it a brilliant Blu-ray, with reference quality picture and sound but it happens to be one of the top 4 movies of the year – I still say How to Train a Dragon is the best animated film of 2010 but Toy Story 3 is right up there. I’ll admit to never being a huge fan of the first one and don’t remember much about the 2nd, but the third installment was a perfect way to close this trilogy – and I sincerely hope they don’t make a fourth film because it’ll “dilute” the emotional punch the ending of Toy Story 3 has. But who am I kidding it’s Disney, of course there will be another one, or straight to video adventures.

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Toy Story 3 is not Perfect, but it is Strong. Michelle’s Review!

Every time I review a Pixar movie, I feel like I have to start by saying, I’m not a fan of their movies. While all their films are technically brilliant I just found them to be too glossy to connect to.  Toy Story 3 isn’t a great movie, I think it’s a notch below How to Train Your Dragon, but it’s the rare sequel that easily surpasses the original and rarer still a concluding chapter that wraps everything up in a perfect manner. The movie takes you on an emotional roller coaster and come on it had an evil Bear! An Evil Bear! Would have been great if his name was “Huggy.” I didn’t leave the theater feeling like I wanted more, or disappointed, I left satisfied.

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Toy Story 3 Brightens Up a Bleak Cinematic Summer!


Toy Story 3 is that most unusual of films: a second sequel that matches – or betters – its predecessors. The setting, as with Toy Stories 1 & 2, is the present – which means that Andy [John Morris] is about to head off to college. For Woody [Tom Hanks], Buzz [Time Allen] and the rest of his toys, this is a time for panic. Will they be thrown away? Stored in the attic? Donated to someone else?

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Wondercon 2010 Day 2, Amy Acker, Geoff Stults, Nicholas Cage, Jake Gyllenhaal and more!

Wondercon 2010, Prince of Persia Press Conference

I’m back and I survived last weekend’s big San Francisco Adventure known as WonderCon 2010. Friday was all about opening day and comic books, Saturday was all about pop culture the day started with spending an hour in the Press Room with the cast of ABC’s new spooky show Happy Town.  We sat down with the producers, Amy Acker, Geoff Stults, and I’ll admit I don’t know who the 3rd guy was since I don’t watch Lost.  I was sitting right next to Amy trying to figure out why she looked so familiar it wasn’t until later in the day when I realized, wholly s it’s Fred from Angel! How could I forget that? Right after that we went into the next room to spend a lot of quality time with Jerry Bruckheimer – who for some reason kept staring and winking at me out of the corner of his eye.

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