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Michelle finally reviews Captain America Winter Soldier.


It is hard to argue that Captain America The Winter Soldier isn’t the best Marvel movie to date (although, I still think The Avengers is better), but it lacked something and I’m not sure what it was. Watching this film, I couldn’t help but think of this as Marvel’s version James Bond done the way I’ve always wanted to see. It is technically flawless, has a fabulous cast, amazing action and a great, great story but still….

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Comic Con 2010 – Joss Whedon is Directing Avengers!

It’s been rumored and accepted as fact that fan favorite Joss Whedon was directing The new Avengers Movie, Now it’s Official. The announcement came during a panel at the annual mob event known as San Diego Comic Con. He responded to a question saying, “the Avengers directing job is not an official thing from Marvel but …I’m making it official RIGHT NOW!” I don’t know, I love me some Buffy and Angel, but is Whedon really up to directing a major Hollywood movie?

Chris Evans IS Captain America!

The Hollywood Reporter started the rumors swirling a few days ago that Chris Evans was in the lead to become Captain America and now it’s been confirmed, Chris Evans is Captain America. He signed a long term deal Marvel that will see him appearing as the Star Spangled hero. He will appear in the main films, as well as the planned Avengers films and will make guest appearances in other Marvel Universe titles. My question is, what happens to Fantastic Four? Does this mean that franchise is dead or will get rebooted? I used to hate the guy, then I saw Sunshine and fell in love with him – he was the best thing about Fantastic Four 2, he really has some acting chops. Everyone thinks this is a great choice but to me he seems too young for the role of Cap.

MOVIE REVIEW: Punisher: War Zone, Michelle Likes It!

MOVIE REVIEW: Punisher: War Zone, Michelle Likes It!
MOVIE REVIEW: Punisher: War Zone, Michelle Likes It!

I’ve always been pretty ambivalent about the Punisher as a character. I understand him, and I did collect the comics back in the day, but he’s always been a one note kind of guy. He’s obsessed with extracting vengeance – usually in the most brutal, straightforward way possible.  While I liked the last two films, the Producers tried to have it both ways – they wanted the mindless violence, but then they tried to give him a “heart.” The point of the Punisher is, he’s relentless, heartless, and views the world in pure black and white, good and evil and that’s it.

The new Punisher: War Zone is exactly what a Punisher film should be and that’s both good and bad. It’s over the top blood and gore, relentless, humorless (except for a couple of unintentional rolling on the floor moments), and hopeless. I don’t go to a Punisher film expecting a good story, acting, or even good production values.  The first few minutes of the film was hard to get through.

The acting was painful and casting Ray Stevenson to play Frank Castle (The Punisher) was a mistake. He’s wrong for the part, but then at the same time, this isn’t a character that requires a lot of charisma (he’s shadowy) or a lot of speechifying. He just needs to be able to point a gun and fire. Stevenson has no IT factor he’s just blank.  Did I mention how gory this movie is? It was refreshing to watch a Hard R Punisher film. I’m not one who complains when films get sanitized for the PG-13 crowd, but it really does impact the Punisher as a character. Lexi Alexander revels in the violent nature of the character and material. Again, this, is both good and bad because it is who the Punisher is but it will turn off anyone who isn’t part of the small niche that knows anything about The Punisher.

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EM Review by
Michelle Alexandria
Originally Posted 12.06.08

BLU-RAY NEWS: Daredevil Director’s Cut comes to Blu

Daredevil Director's Cut on Blu-ray

I never understood the vitriolic hatred fanboys had for the Daredevil movie and the irrational loathing of Ben "Mumbles" Affleck. Yes, they took a lot of liberties with the material. Colin Farrell and Jennifer Gardner were terrible. But then I never liked Colin or Jennifer. But I thought the film maintained the basic tone of the books, Ben was almost perfect casting for DD, he fit the part and the story was a good one. Again, except for the whole blind man fighting a female Ninja in broad daylight in a Playground, no less.  The funny thing about the Disc cover is they are hyping Iron Man director Jon Favreau.  This release is feature packed, but I’m really starting to get annoyed that these companies are still ignoring the Picture in Picture spec and the BD Live stuff. It’s one of the reasons I liked the HD-DVD format that was a uniformity of features. And a release like this should have some cool BD-Live and PnP. Check out the full press release below.

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BOX OFFICE NEWS: The Dark Knight and Audiences Gets The Joke!

The Dark Knight

You’ve been reading about it all day, now comes the official press release from Warner on The Dark Knight’s amazing box office performance to the tune of 158 million smackers. There’s some chest beating going on in Burbank this week and I’m sure quite a few bonus checks and cars going around in the next few weeks. Usually I don’t care if a film does boffo box office numbers, but in this case since we did the promo for it I like to take a little credit. Not to mention it’s a kick ass movie. Not like when Pirates 2 was smashing records and screaming at anyone who would listen that "It’s not a good movie! What’s wrong with you people."  This time you guys are all right. Here’s the official fist pounding. Or as Faux News calls it Terrorist Fist Bumping. But with Hollywood’s creative accounting, I’m sure somehow WB lost their shirt on this and Christopher Nolan owes them.

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CONTEST: Want to see The Dark Knight???

The Dark Knight

That’s right, it’s time for another fabu EM Madhouse Screening! We have Tickets for the Exclusive DC Blackout Screening of The Dark Knight! The Screening will be held at Washington, DC’s Historic Uptown Theater, Wednesday, July 16 at 8:30.  This is a special Blackout Screening, you have to wear Black or you will be turned away.  If you want to attend, send an email with your request to contest@eclipsemagazine.com. Your request MUST contain your UserID, Full Name, the number of Admit 2 tickets you would like. The SUBJECT MUST say The Dark Knight Screening Contest. I will not accept any requests that do not follow instructions. All requests must be submitted no later than Sunday 13. I will notify all winners Sunday evening.  Check out the official website here and read my interview with Christian Bale.

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