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HawthoRNe’s Second Season is Moving Onward and Downward!


The second season of HawthoRNe [TNT, Tuesdays, 9/8C] opens with Morrisey [James Morrison] informing Chief of Surgery Dr. Tom Wakefield and Director of Nursing Christina Hawthorne [Jada Pinkett Smith] that Richmond Trinity is being shut down, then cuts to three months later with Tom and Christina seeing the hospital’s last patient off and then having to take a gunshot victim to James River, where several of the former Richmond Trinity staff are now working.

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TELEVISION: Hawthorne Serves Pinkett-Smith Poorly!

TNT’s new medical drama, Hawthorne [Tuesdays, 9/8C], features a strong central character in Christina Hawthorne [Jada Pinkett-Smith] – the latest empowered woman to come from Turner, and probably meant to complement its other female-centric series, Saving Grace and The Closer. Unfortunately, it can’t hold a candle, let alone a cotton swab to either of them.

HawthoRNe - Tom & Christina

Hawthorne is a widow [cliché] with a headstrong daughter, Camille [Hannah Hodson] [cliché] who blames her for her father’s death [cliché]. She’s also the Chief Nursing Officer at Richmond Trinity Hospital and has on her staff, among others, a blonde beauty named Candy [Christina Moore] who gives “special attention” to returned soldiers [cliché] and a male nurse, Ray Stein [David Julian Hirsch], whom almost everyone suspects is gay [cliché]. She and her mother-in-law, Amanda [Joanna Cassidy], have agreed to keep her late husband’s ashes each alternating year [kinda creepy]. Amanda is also on the hospital’s board [cliché]. The two of them… wait for it… don’t care much for each other! [Cliché!] In the opening ep, we also meet Christina’s best friend, Bobbie [Suleka Mathew – one of two reasons to check out the show] and Dr. Tom Wakefield [Michael Vartan – the other reason to check out the show], Chief of Surgery, apparently, the only the only doctor in the entire building who actually wants to be there [one doctor, played with withering sarcasm by Anne Ramsey, plays golf instead of doing her rounds and blows up at Ray when he follows her prescribed meds and the patient almost dies – and then blames him, to boot]. Then there’s the Japanese doctor who speaks a pidgeon English that only Bobbie can decipher [yikes!]… Christina winds up fighting for her patients, her nurses and herself on an hourly basis – but gets to turn on the tough love when Camille [her daughter, remember?] pulls a protest by handcuffing herself to a junk food dispenser the school is having removed – and she doesn’t even eat junk food! It’s the principle of the thing [cliché]! Sadly, for all the technical expertise that is poured into producing a very good-looking series, no one appears to have given much thought to the writing. [Fortunately, TNT still has Brenda Johnson and Grace Hanadarko…] ppt on new business plan research paper for science fair project example how research paper dissertation experts doxycycline hyclate dosage https://www.cochise.edu/academic/by-customs-essay-folklorist-freudian-parsing-through/32/ viagra sudden blindness viagra keyword essay cognitive linguistics writing a resume for volunteer employment enter https://caberfaepeaks.com/school/research-paper-order-online/27/ dissertation and theses https://rainierfruit.com/how-much-viagra-cost-in-canada/ sanjay gupta resume go to site master's thesis apa steps in doing a research thesis index latex divided thesis statement compare and contrast how to make term paper viagra hard on video combining viagra and cialis see url thesis statement examples for the great gatsby source expository essay editing service au help on assignment novel editing services venlafaxine et anxiete research paper on mail order bride source url Final Grade: C-