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HTC EVO Shift Reviewed by Michelle!

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I’m the first to admit that I don’t like Apple. I hate them as a company, don’t like how they treat their customers and I think they charge way too much for their products. With that said, I do have everything (except an iMac) that they produce. If I could ignore the fanboys, the press conferences, and the hype I would probably be very happy with my Apple products – except when they stop working like my AppleTV and my iPhone 3G after I installed the iOS4. All the recent talk about Android has me thinking that I’d love to dump my iPhone for a device that actually works as – you know, a phone. Not to mention, Android phones seem so much more exciting.

Over the past month the fine folks at HTC sent me several phones to try: HTC Evo Shift and an HTC Aria which I kept far longer than the two weeks I was supposed to have it for. The reason I kept the Aria so long was, I kept trying to force myself to like it, to drink the Droid cool aid and it just never quite happened for me. I found the Aria screen to be too small and Android not ready for prime time. With that said, I really like the hardware for the larger sized HTC Evo Shift.

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