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Video: Tomorrowland: Introducing Athena and Casey!

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Casey’s just this bright kid who keeps getting into trouble – until she touches this weird pin and sees another, better place. Athena? Well, she says she’s the future.

Both are essential for/to Tomorrowland. Meet them just beyond the jump Note: the full playlist includes all teasers and trailers so far (the French trailers are just crazy fun), culminating in the Athena and Casey character videos – it’s quite a ride).

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MOVIE REVIEW: Fantastic Mr. Fox – Fabulous Fake Fur Fun!


Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox is one of the best films of the year!

Adapted from – and expanded upon – Roald Dahl’s excellent book, Fox is an original. An organic delight from start to finish. The story of a slightly egocentric fox [he has a trademark!] who gives up stealing chickens and squabs for the somewhat less exciting life of a newspaper columnist when his wife tells him she’s pregnant is an odd mix of civility and ferocity.

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