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Neon Alley Gets One Piece!


VIZ Media’s new 24-hour anime channel, Neon Alley – which premieres this fall on PS3 and Playstation Network and will feature programming from an array from anime producers and distributors – will feature the highly successful pirate/adventure series One Piece. The series is the story of how Monkey D. Luffy refuses to let anyone or anything stand in the way of his quest to become king of all pirates – by claiming the greatest treasure on Earth – the Legendary One Piece!

The press release follows the jump.

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Brace Yourselves Anime Lovers–Neon Alley Is Coming!


Viz Media has announced plans to launch a 24-hour anime channel in October. Neon Alley will be available in the US and Canada and will be available by subscription to play on TV via your game console. The plan is to run all genres of anime on a channel subsidized through limited advertising to keep the subscription rate a constant $6.99.

Follow the jump for details on titles (if you love Tiger and Bunny, for example, this will be the place to see it), getting more information and accessing special sneak peeks.

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Evangelion Pop-Up Museum Highlights 2012 J-Pop Summit Festival!


You’ve heard of pop-up stores (store that ‘pop-up’ for a few days and then are gone forever – Jack White had one a couple years back that was a huge success), right? Well, the 2012 J-Pop Summit Festival in San Francisco will feature the American premiere of the Evangelion Pop-Up Museum!

The Two-Day Only Special Exhibit At NEW PEOPLE Will Display Original Production Art, Concept Drawings, And More From The Popular Anime Sci-Fi Film Series As Part Of Annual Weekend-Long Festival Celebrating Japanese Pop Culture.

For more details from the official press release, follow the jump.

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Bleach… The Movie?


Bleach, one of the most popular manga and anime´ series in the world is going Hollywood. VIZ Media today announced that Warner Bros. Pictures has acquired the live-action feature film rights to the series.

Peter Segal (Get Smart, The Longest Yard) of Callahan Filmworks is producing with an eye toward directing. The film’s creative team also includes screenwriter Dan Mazeau, who recently penned Warner Bros.’ upcoming sequel to Clash of the Titans, Wrath of the Titans.

Details from the full press release follow the jump.

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Manga & Anchor Bay to release Redline and First Squad

For those that enjoy watching anime/animated movies, Anchor Bay Entertainment and Manga have teamed up to bring fans two amazing anime films which are to be released next year. The press release will contain the additional details after the jump:







October 14, 2011

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“Ironman” and “Wolverine” Anime Series Debut on G4


This summer, G4 and Marvel team up to bring fans a whole new way to see their favorite Super Heroes with the premiere of two original Marvel anime series, “Iron Man” and “Wolverine.” The eagerly anticipated series will air exclusively on G4 with twelve half-hour weekly episodes that include interconnecting storylines and cameo appearances by several popular Marvel characters. G4 viewers can be part of all the action when “Iron Man” premieres on Friday July 29th at 11pm ET/PT followed by “Wolverine” at 11:30pm ET/PT and will air weekly Fridays from 11:00-Midnight ET/PT. With epic battles, action-packed storylines and mind-blowing animation, these series star some of the most popular Super Hero comic book characters of all time. And for more intense action, two new Marvel anime series—X-Men and Blade—will premiere later this year, exclusively on G4.

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FUNimation Gets Busy at Anime Expo 2011!


FUNimation, purveyors of fine anime entertainment in North America, have announced the acquisition of six titles, so far, at Anime Expo 2011: Steins;Gate,  B Gata H Kei – Yamada’s First Time, Deadman Wonderland, Cat Planet Cuties, Baka and Test — Summon the Beasts, and [C] – Control – The Money and Soul of Possibility.

Press releases for each follow the jump.

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Supernatural: The Anime Series

History will be made this summer when Supernatural: The Anime Series is released in the U.S. as the first-ever live-action series to be re-imagined in Japanese anime style.  World renowned anime studio Madhouse is the creative force responsible for recreating the popular Warner Brothers television series currently airing Fridays at 9:00pm on The CW.  The all-new, 22-episode animated series will be distributed July 26, 2011 by Warner Home Video on Blu-ray and DVD, as well as On Demand and for Download. Order due date is June 21, 2011.  Having gotten a peek at this product, I can’t express how excited I am for it!  The detailed Press Release that was just provided by Warner Home Video follows the jump.

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DVD NEWS: New Animated Spiderman Movie Coming


The Spectacular Spider-Man: Attack of the Lizard is coming to DVD Sept. 9. It’s been a tough week for Peter Parker.  His two best friends are mad at him, Aunt May is behind on the bills and Flash Thompson is still bullying him at school. It hasn’t been a cake walk for Spider-Man either.  The Enforcers are trying to destroy him, the Vulture is seeking revenge on Mr. Osborn, Electro is wreaking havoc on the city and his mentor, Dr. Connors, just transformed into The Lizard – a reptile on the rampage.  But with great power comes great responsibility and Peter Parker wouldn’t have it any other way! Here are some clips.

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Appleseed Ex Machina now on Blu-ray and DVD

Appleseed Ex Machina now on Blu-ray and DVD

John Woo’s (Mission: Impossible II, Face/Off) first Anime production, Appleseed: Ex Machina, directed by Shinji Aramaki (Appleseed, Bubblegum Crisis) on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc. Based on the popular science fiction manga from renowned creator Shirow Masamune (Ghost in the Shell), Appleseed: Ex Machina follows partners and lovers, Deunan and Briareos.

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Anime Network Inks SVOD Deal with Charter Communications

Anime Network Logo

Cementing its stronghold as the leading video-on-demand (VOD) offering in North America, Anime Network has signed a carriage agreement with Charter Communications. Beginning January 3, Charter Communications launched Anime Network as a subscription-based video-on-demand (SVOD) service. "Anime Network is thrilled to include Charter Communications in our ever-growing list of SVOD affiliates,” said Kevin McFeeley, the company’s Vice President, Affiliate Sales & New Media, in making today’s announcement. "We are now available in over 35 million VOD-enabled households, and the popularity of our independent, niche content has translated into a sustainable on-demand business." Cathy Fogler, Vice President and General Manager of Video for Charter said: “We’re pleased to offer Anime Network to our customers. Charter strives to provide value by offering a wide variety of programming and SVOD is an excellent way for us to provide niche content like Anime Network.” Anime Network has over 95% penetration into all VOD-enabled households in North America.