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February 19th Edition of This week on EMTV we dis Britney Spears’ “”Crossroads””, and give you the 411 on “”Hart’s War”” starring Bruce Willis, and Denzel’s latest flick “”John Q””. Plus we have a special sneak peak at Acclaim’s Castlevania III.

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Sean’s takes on Britney Spears

For God sakes, Britney, we get the message loud and clear. First it was the outfits, which leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. Then it was the read-between-the-lines single, “”I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman,”” a less-than-catchy tune that’s currently seeping into our subconscious with every elevator we ride.

And now, its “”Crossroads,”” Ms. Spears’ decidedly grown-up foray onto the big screen that’s beset with teen pregnancy, divorce, abandonment issues, interracial relationships and infidelity. Britney’s growing up. She better hope her audience is, as well. “”Crossroads”” stars Spears as the third wheel of a trio of life-long friends who drifted apart during high school, but reunite after graduation with plans to road trip from Georgia to Los Angeles for a karaoke contest. Along the way, the girls must face the life-altering dilemmas each seems to be running away from: Mimi (Taryn Manning) is pregnant, Kit (Zoe Saldana) is engaged to a selfish UCLA brat who ignores her, and Lucy (Spears) needs to confront the mom who deserted her. To borrow a phrase from Britney’s beau, Justin Timberlake, the tattered remains of the once-virginal singer’s bubble gum roots have officially gone “”Bye, Bye, Bye”” – and it appears that Spears wouldn’t have it any other way. The film opens on the shapely singer in her underwear, harmonizing with Madonna’s “”Open Your Heart”” while dancing around her bedroom. Shortly after, Britney drapes a loose-fitting blazer over her scantily-clad frame as she prepares, post-prom, to have sex for the first time with her lab partner (played by a decidedly typecast Justin Long, riffing gently on his Warren Cheswick character from NBC’s “”Ed””). The deflowering doesn’t occur in said scene, but is instead reserved for the film’s final act, when Spears consummates a four-day-old relationship with the ex-con who carts her friends cross country. The symbolism of the scene is rich, with crashing waves and camera pans that caress the graceful Los Angeles coastline. On a morality scale, however, the whole thing feels bankrupt. To a certain extent, “”Crossroads”” addresses issues teenagers face. But by handling weighty topics with kid gloves, it makes it hard to take the film seriously when it decides its time to lecture. Director Tamra Davis (“”Billy Madison””) strives to reach the “”TRL”” crowd through costume designs and soundtrack choices, and at times, she completely pinpoints her audience. But in the end, she lacks the conviction to deliver a true message to them, and winds up saying nothing. With no legitimate solutions to the problems she’s burdened her characters with, the film starts pulling cliches out from under the rug, and the whole production comes crashing down like a house of cards in a wind tunnel. While Spears’ performance in “”Crossroads”” does little to deter my belief that pop stars can’t act, I will say that she’s hardly terrible. In fact, when paired up with a wooden Dan Ackroyd, who plays her father, Spears can resemble a young Jodie Foster – but that’s mostly a comment to Ackroyd’s horrific performance. Spears has been groomed to entertain for the duration of a four-minute music video, and she proves she can hold the camera’s eye without vamping. The real challenge lies in conveying feelings like sorrow, pain or loss – on display after she’s scorned by her mother (Kim Cattrall) for the second time. These emotions don’t seem to be in the pop singer’s bag of tricks, so Davis (wisely) avoids lingering on them for long periods of time. Still, it’s safe to say that Spears’ loyal fan base, and even a few curious non-believers, won’t be disappoiinted. Any mystery surrounding this pop idol, at this point, has been washed away by the interminable spotlight. So next time Britney decides to remind us she’s “”not that innocent,”” she may want to throw in “”not that interesting, either.”” Final Grade: C- By Sean O’Connell Feb. 15, 2002

New Site Launch

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I switched the site over this weekend, and the process was pretty damn messy. So please excuse the mess for the next few days while I clean up everything, and recategorize all the news stuff.

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Ewan McGregor Talks Episode II

Here’s a piece of Ewan Mcgregor’s recent inverview with Empire Online.And what about the other, oft-mentioned project, Attack of the Clones? ‘Star Wars 2 is looking really, really good,’ he enthused. ‘I saw a lot of my stuff while we were doing the looping and it looks really full-on. The title’s not a good title but there we are. He keeps that completely to himself George. No one ever knows what it’s going to be called and then one day it’s just announced and he doesn’t let anybody know.

When I initially heard about it I was doing a press line up in America and somebody went, ‘What do you think of Attack of The Clones’ and I said ‘I didn’t see it.’ So they said ‘No, what do you think of that?’ And they hadn’t even fucking told me, you know? So I said ‘I think it sounds terrible, because it does sound like a sort of 40s

Fantastic Four Movie News

Buffy writer/director Doug Petrie exclusively revealed to Zentertainment that he is working on the screenplay for the upcoming superhero film Fantastic Four.

Following previous aborted screenplays from Sam Hamm (Monkeybone/Batman) and Michael France (Goldeneye/Cliffhanger), Petrie landed the job after meeting director Peyton Reed (Bring It On) through mutual friend Christophe Beck – composer of Buffy’s incidental scores for several years. Fantastic Four is due to reach cinemas some time in 2003

News! Composer Bill Brown’s ‘Scorcher’ Soundtrack Music Samples Posted!

Composer Bill Brown has just posted music tracks from his score for the upcoming CineTel Films action-adventure film “”Scorcher””, directed by James Seale, starring Mark Dacascos, ‘Lord Of The Rings’ John Rhys-Davies and Rutger Hauer.

Bill is currently working on music for a new film project and also the soundtrack for the upcoming release of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon expansion “”Desert Siege””. Ghost Recon has been awarded the prestigious ‘2001 Game of the Year’ Award from IGN and many of Bill’s other titles have received awards. Get the scoop here: would appreciate a link to on your links pageBanners for linking are located here if you need one for the link: including a “”Scorcher”” theme button.Some of Bill’s other composing credits include films such as “”ALI””, directed by Michael Mann, Oliver Stone’s “”Any Given Sunday””, and interactive media including the full Tom Clancy Rainbow Six series, Michael Crichton’s “”Timeline””, Clive Barker’s Undying and more: If you plan to post a review of the film or soundtrack, or have other reviews posted that mention Bill’s music on your site, I would appreciate it if you would let me know the URL/address so that we might include a link to the review on Bill’s site. For an example, see,Susan – admin/webmasteradmin@billbrownmusic.comhttp://billbrownmusic.comCompleted your form on web: If you wish to be included to receive Bill Brown’s future News emails, please send an email to with Add_my_email_to_the_Bill_Brown_News_List in the subject line and your email address (if other than your sending email) in the body. If you no longer wish to receive Bill’s occasional news items, please reply to or click and type REMOVE in the subject line and copy the web page address of your form to be removed at the top in the body of the email. Composer Bill Brown – Director of Music for Soundelux DMG.

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