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Sum of All Fears

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So what did you guys think? I saw the trailer again before AOTC and I was really looking forward to seeing it. I’m not that big of an Affleck fan but I’ve liked all three Clancy movies so far. Post your comments tonight!

Triumph visits the Star Wars line

Did anyone see this segment from Conan O’Brien last friday? It was Triumph the Insult Comic Dog visiting the Star Wars fans waiting in line for episode 2 in NYC.

wooooooooheeeeeee was it funny!! I caught it out of the corner of my eye and starting laughing so hard I missed half of it the first time.

I have a 17meg vidcap of it, Michelle is that sort of thing allowed here? I can upload it to the site if anyone’s interested. You might be able to find it elsewhere on the net too, though it’s still only a few days old.

Digital Projection

Has anyone else seen the digital projection of Star Wars at the Merrifield theater in Falls Church?

I saw it on Tuesday, the crispness is pretty amazing. I’d seen AOTC already, on saturday, and noticed as others have that almost the entire movie looked slightly out of focus on a regular projector. If you have any interest in the technology be sure to check it out, I think there are only about 25 theaters nationwide showing it on a digital projector. It really is impressive how much nicer it looks.

The thing I can’t figure out is why THAT theater snagged the digital equipment. It’s one of the worst theaters in the area and the last place I would have liked to see Star Wars. Old, kinda junky vinyl seats and mediocre sound. The equipment supposedly costs around $100,000 so the only think I can think of is that they had a pile of cash sitting around because they never improved the theaters in any other fashion.

If you decide to go make sure you see one of the digital screenings, I believe they only have it in one of the theaters. There are several other screens showing Star Wars but they’re just standard projections.

Message counting


Are you aware that the message counts for the forums are off by one? As in if someone posts after me in this topic it will say that there is only one message when there are really two.

Sounds like the counter is zero based 🙂