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DVD REVIEW: Up in the Air Soars on DVD!


Jason Reitman’s Up in the Air is a great film. What makes it so remarkable isn’t just that it’s timely and brilliant – it’s that it started out to be one thing and then, when the world’s financial climate changed radically, Reitman adapted it to fit the times in a way that is, topically at least, irony free – a first for him.

Ryan Bingham [George Clooney] is a corporate assassin. When companies downsize and don’t have the stones to do the firing themselves, Bingham’s boss [Jason Bateman] sends him to do the dirty work – which he does in a calculatedly semi-warm, dignified manner.

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MOVIE REVUE: A Good Situation thats Up in the Air

Up in the Air 2

One day you will meet Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) in your office. You never sat next to him in a cubicle. Nor have you shared the latest gossip with him over your coffee break. You did not even invite him to happy hour for drinks. However, he does play an important part of your job. He is the person your boss hired to inform that you have been terminated. He is a downsizing expert from Omaha whose job is to offer options to recently laid-off employees. Bingham might be the man you cry over, be mad at, or loathe, but he might end up being the one who has set you free to change your life forever. Ryan’s job has its perks. He can easily get through the check-in lines at the airports in no-time. The airline employees know his name by heart.  He always travels first class as he is close to his ultimate goal of ten million miles saved for one airline.

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