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Believe It or Not He’s Just… Gone – Stephen J. Cannell Dead at 69!


Stephen J. Cannell – creator of The Greatest American Hero, The Rockford Files and The A-Team – has died from complications associated with melanoma. He was 69.

Cannell, who is probably best remembered for The A-Team and The Rockford Files, was a prolific writer whose credits include ground breaking television [undercover cop/Mafia series Wiseguy predated The Sopranos by more than a decade; The A-Team married heist and action movie tropes with Tex Avery zaniness; The Rockford Files’ Jim Rockford was lazy, sly and would do everything humanly possible to avoid fighting], plenty of light entertainment within established genres [Silk Stalkings, The Commish, Cobra, Stingray] and several bestselling novels.

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MOVIE REVIEW: The A-Team – Overkill is Underrated!

1 - The Team

We all know the story – even the shortest TV spot gives us the spine of it – the Alpha, or A-Team is set up whilst on a covert ops mission and court-martialed for a crime they didn’t commit, so they break out of prison to clear their names and nail the person[s] responsible for the frame. Sounds simple, probably because it is.

This is the part where I’d admit to being just a little bit ashamed [if I wasn’t so darned shameless]: The A-Team is bereft of anything even remotely approaching story or character development; it is nothing more than an excuse to brawl and shoot and blow stuff up real good; the pacing barely ever deviates from frenetic [and when it dials down, it only drops to furious] and, yes, the headline quote from former-Colonel Hannibal Smith [Liam Neeson] accurately describes the flick [and make no mistake, this a flick – not a film, not a movie – a flick]. And I enjoyed it.

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