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Bones: Series Showrunners Talk Tempe’s Homecoming; Religion and Secularism; Abbot and Costello???

Whenever you get Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan, the co-showrunners of fox’s hit series Bones (Mondays, 9/8C), talking about their show, you can planning on both learning something new about the show and being grandly entertaining by them. For the eighth season, Hanson and Nathan were in fine form – riffing on short-term memory loss; […]

Bones’ Executive Producers Explain Squintern’s Death; Tease Season Seven!

FOX’s long-running series Bones [returning Thursday, 9/8C] has taken the forensic procedural in a unique direction with its oil and water lead characters – the brilliant, cerebral, rational forensic anthropologist, Dr. Temperance Brennan and the intuitive, physical and determined FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth. You would expect, then, that a Q&A session with the show’s […]