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Pixels – Hi-Tech 8-Bit Fun!

Pixels - Pac-Man

As someone who got really good at Galaga in the eighties – and had found Adam Sandler virtually intolerable in everything he did after Funny People – I was pleasantly surprised by how often I laughed at Pixels.

Even the premise – aliens misinterpret a message of simple greetings that included samples of arcade games as a declaration of war and sent real-life versions to conquer/destroy the Earth – had the cool feel of a vintage video game. Also, it was based on a terrific short film you can check out on YouTube.

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Alien Invasion Trailer: Pixels!

Pixels - Space Invaders

Somehow, aliens misinterpreted an attempt at communication that depicted, among other things, several video games, as a declaration of war. They created Godzilla-sized versions of those videogames and sent them off to destroy the Earth.

Silly aliens!

On July 24th, the fate of the Earth will be in the hands of a group of ’80s videogame champions. Check out the new trailer for Pixels after the jump.

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Preview Reviews for Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, Pixels, Man Up, and More

184 - FI

This week’s episode of GeekScholars Movie Newsthe hosts review several new recently released trailers for films across a variety of genres. Hit the jump for me. Continue reading Preview Reviews for Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, Pixels, Man Up, and More

This Is No Game Trailer: Pixels!

Pixels - Pac-Man

The Earth is being invaded – by actual space Invaders. Also Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and more – so the US President (Kevin James) drafts his old buddy, master video game player Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler), to help save the world.

Pixels is directed by Chris Columbus, so it shouldn’t be the usual Adam Sandler goof. It opens on July 24th. Check out the new trailer following the jump.

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