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Ghostbusters Is Smart, Funny and Melodramatic Summer Fun! Sorry If It Ruins Your Childhood!

After a couple of decent trailers that actually withheld most of the film’s funniest moments, Ghostbusters arrives with wit, charm, lovable goofiness, some serious melodrama and comes thisclose to being as good as the original. The all-female Ghostbusters (and their dumber than a sack of flying mallets male receptionist) are worthy successors to Ivan Reitman’s […]

Spy: Bond… Melissa Bond!

Melissa McCarthy has shown she can play a character (Saint Vincent, everyone!), which is why Spy is so much fun. In Susan Cooper, CIA super analyst she’s found a character – and a potential franchise – that she can really sink her teeth into. Also, for a spoof to work it must also succeed in […]