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Holly Crap – The Entire Nightmare on Elm Street Soundtrack Collection!

Making all of your nightmares come true … Varèse Sarabande will be releasing A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 8-CD box set (limited 2000 units) on October 16, 2015.  This deluxe package contains all 8 soundtracks from the original series, over 8 hours of music including almost 3 hours of bonus tracks!
New artwork has been commissioned for the set (by artist Shawn Conn, http://atomicdeadguy.com/), and configuring the sleeves together forms a larger piece of art.  Before you have any nightmares, please don’t worry … the original Matthew Joseph Peak creations are included in the packaging. The set comes complete with the trademark knitted Freddy sweater encasing the outer box!

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Movie Review: A Nightmare On Elm Street Reboot Lacks Imagination, Creepiness of the Original

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Ok, so yes, I am old enough to have seen the original 1984 version of A Nightmare on Elm Street in the theaters. To remember sitting in the darkened theater and being mesmerized and scared by this horrifying looking creature who could kill people in their dreams. Freddy Krueger,as created by Wes Craven played by Robert Englund, was nightmares personified. However I am also open minded enough to go into a reboot of any movie and see what the new creative forces behind it have to offer from the old.  I liked the reboot of Halloween by Rob Zombie, I like Marcus Nispal’s updated version of Friday the 13th.

However I was, for the most part, left unimpressed with New Line Cinema/Platinum Dunes’ and director Samuel Bayer’s attempt to update and reboot A Nightmare on Elm Street. The most disappointing part about this reaction, is that I really wanted to like the movie, I really wanted to come out of it as impressed by the characterizations and storytelling as I was when I came out of the theater after seeing the original back in 1984.

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Nightmare on Elm Street, is another Remake that Doesn’t Need to Exist! Michelle’s Review

The problem with most remakes is that they are forced to justify their existence as being something that’s necessary and beyond being cheap money grabs from a sometimes creatively bankrupt studio system.  Nightmare on Elm Street isn’t a horrible movie, but it’s a film that’s incredibly bland, unimaginative and you can’t help but watch and wonder, why? It’s slow, tedious, and kind of pretentious. All the talk about it really focusing on Freddy’s back-story was a lie.

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Jackie Earle Haley talks to Michelle and the Gags Gang about Human Target, Nightmare on Elm Street and more!

Hey boys and girls, I had the chance to sit down and have a quick talk with Jackie Earle Haley. The talk was primarily for Human Target, but I got in a couple of questions about Nightmare on Elm Street as well. Check out this 9 minute interview and if you notice he kept staring in my direction – just like Jerry Bruckheimer who was fascinated with me. I think I’m getting closer to my dream scenario of one of these people seeing me and go, “You are so unique, I must have you in my next Movie!” Or be like the Entertainment Reporter who interviewed and then married Kevin Smith. I’ll admit I didn’t watch the show that much, but I did catch the last few episodes and the finale was pretty awesome, so I hope Fox renews it.

EM’s Nightmare on Elm Street No Hassle Advanced Screening Details!

Hey people, people, people! We’ve been rocking the Warner Brothers screenings this year. Can I call it our April Screening when we already gave you peeps a chance to see Clash of the Titans in 3D a few weeks ago?  Guess not. The fine folks at Warner Brothers have given us passes for next week’s Washington, DC Advanced screening of Nightmare on Elm Street! It’ll be at our super secret location – cough, Mazza, cough next Wed the 28th at 7:30 pm.  Movie opens Friday the 30th, so you’ll get to see it a whole two days early, but a movie like this you want to see with one of our famous Rowdy Bowdy screening audiences. I will be making a rare appearance at an EM Screening so if you see me, don’t talk to me, you all scare me :).

To get the tickets is simple – sign up for our new Twitter account at twitter.com/eclipsemagazine and leave a tweet about Nightmare on Elm Street. I want to see if we can get this to be a hot trending topic.  After you do that send an email to contest@eclipsemagazine.com.  We don’t have a lot of passes for this so the first 30 folks who respond will get the code to print out the passes. Like last time I’m going to wait until the last minute to email the code, but you want to be in the queue now – today.  I actually interviewed Jackie Earle Haley last week, you can catch that video on our new YouTube Channel.


Warner just sent over an email saying we now have 50 Admit 1 Passes. So keep the requests coming!