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Movie News: More Back to the Future and Jaws Films, Iron Giant 2, Preview Review of The Danish Girl

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Lots of fun speculation and conjecture on this week’s episode of GeekScholars Movie News, as the show kicks off with a round of ‘Never Tell Me the Odds!’. Each of the hosts weigh in on recent film rumors, giving their predictions on the probability that:

  • Another Back to the Future movie gets made
  • Another Jaws movie gets made
  • Daniel Craig plays James Bond at least one more time
  • Chris Evans continues to play Captain America after The Infinity War: Part II
  • Iron Giant 2 gets a green-light
  • Mega Man film makes it to the big screen

The GeekScholars close out the show with a review of the exceptional trailer for The Danish Girl. 

Eclipse Magazine presents GeekScholars Movie News Podcast – Episode 10. Recasting Jaws; April 2012 Preview; Mirror, Mirror Review and more!

Geek Scholars PodcastThis week on GeekScholars Movie News, presented by Eclipse Magazine, the crew debuts a new segment called the Casting Competition Challenge where the GeekScholars must attempt to recast classic films in the modern era. On this episode, listen to our picks for who we think should play Brody, Hooper, and Quint if a remake of Jaws were to happen today! Do you agree? Disagree?

And since it’s a brand new month, the GeekScholars take a look at all of the upcoming releases for April, highlighting which ones they are super excited about, and which ones they’ll be collectively skipping.

We then wrap things up with a look at the new trailer for The Rise of the Guardians as well a review of Mirror, Mirror (which wasn’t horrible as expected!)

Listen to the podcast in all its glory here:

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