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Sheldon’s Favorite 15 Movies for 2013 – Plus One!

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Thanks to a nasty flu bug, I missed a lot of screenings in December, so I’ve spent most of January trying to get caught up – only to realise that it’s just not possible (the faster I run, the behinder I get). So, then…

Every year, someone declares ‘It’s been a lousy year for movies!’ And, like a Pavlovian thing, someone responds, ‘It’s been a great year for movies!’ Both are correct – it all depends on individual perception. Most critics hated The Lone Ranger – but not me, or Michelle, for that matter. Most critics swooned over The Spectacular Now – I preferred another coming of age movie from last summer. It was a year that gave us Pacific Rim, The World’s End, Much Ado About Nothing, Philomena  and Captain Phillips. It also gave us The Counselor, A Good Day To Die Hard and Movie 43 (which I have labored to remove from my memory bank). On balance, it was a very good year for movies.

Anyroad, since trying to get caught up is a mug’s game, I’ll… to quote Leo Kottke, I’ll give you what I got.

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TV: Sheldon’s Favorite Fifteen – Plus 5!


It has been a remarkable year for television. More places to find scripted programming meant more quality programming – networks that were just beginning to dabble in scripted shows had to find or produce quality fare just to get noticed. As a result, we got shows like Rectify and The Returned. Networks, faced with dwindling ratings and top-notch cable shows took a few flyers and produced some pretty entertaining new shows (and some awful duds – but at least they were trying!).

Indeed, there were so many really entertaining shows that I just couldn’t limit my 2013 list to fifteen. So, follow the jump for my favorite shows of 2013 – plus some bottom feeders and disappointments.

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Sheldon’s Favorite Fifteen for 2012–Movies!

argo moonrise-kingdom robot & frank 

Every year we are told that movies aren’t as good as they used to be – and every year, we get enough good movies that picking a top ten/fifteen/twenty list for the year is hard work. Of course, there weren’t as many cries of ‘why don’t they make movies like they used to’ because not only were records set at the box office (thank you 3D, IMAX and #D IMAX), but the total number of bums in seats was higher than it’s been since 2009.

The biggest surprise for me this was that two superhero movies were among the best I saw all year. I love superhero movies, but could never have expected this. Not again, anyway. The bigger surprise was the number of indie flicks that not only impressed me when I saw them, but stayed with me ‘til the end of the year.

Anyroad, that’s enough preamble. Follow the jump to read my Favorite 15 Movies for 2012.

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Sheldon’s Favorite 15 for 2012 – Television

Holmes and Watson CS 65 Friday 22nd October 2010 Raylan

There are so many of quality shows on TV that it’s actually quite amazing. Picking a ‘Top Ten’ would be a huge challenge, so I’ll be sharing the fifteen shows I most enjoyed watching this year.

There are only two comedies in the fifteen, but the shows I’ve most enjoyed this year have leaned more to the dramatic and melodramatic. That’s just me. Your mileage may vary.

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