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Movie Review: ZombieLand is ZombieAwesome


From the moment that Zombieland begins with an earnest, yet extremely funny narrative on the rules on how to survive a zombie attack done over the backdrop of surprisingly tame but effective scenes of zombie attacks and people flying through windshields, you immediately become aware that this is not your typical “George A. Romero” type zombie movie.

Even though the film takes place within a post-apocalyptic world where a unknown virus has turned the people who ate the meat tainted with it into Zombies, this beginning narration sets the tone for the well paced seriocomedic nature that sets Zombieland apart from the typical zombie horror movie.  The narrator and main character of the movie is “Columbus” (Jesse Eisenberg), a a twentysomething loner type college student who, up until the zombie virus changed the world, lived a very phobic/uptight existence in Austin, Texas. Once the virus struck he sets out on a journey to get back to his hometown of Columbus, Ohio to check on his family.

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