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Netflix? Dredd Fans Shift Focus To Television!


Fans of Judge Dredd and the most recent film version, DREDD (which was rated 78% Fresh at Rotten Tomatoes), have shifted their focus from film to television. The fans behind the Make a DREDD Sequel campaign will now being targeting well-regarded TV producers and outlets like Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO and other producers of premium TV with the message ‘Bring Back DREDD’.

To that end, the current petition – which already has 136,000 signatures – will be repurposed with the new campaign title. Superfans Frank Palmer and Brian Ritchie are calling on new fans – who have found DREDD through online, DVD, Blu-ray and premium TV – to sign the petition in hopes of seeing Judge Dredd in new adventures. They envision the kind of response that earned Daredevil and Jessica Jones critical and popular acclaim. For more, follow the jump.

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Lionsgate Kicks Off Comic-Con with Advance Screening of DREDD!


Judgment is coming to Comic-Con! Lionsgate will present a special advance screening of DREDD, based on the British comics series, Judge Dredd, on Wednesday, June 11th at the Reading Cinemas Gaslamp. 701 5th Ave., San Diego. The film will be introduced by star Karl Urban.

Urban will also moderate the panel, Masters of the Web on Thursday, July 12th, 4:30PM – 5:30PM in Room 24ABC.

Details follow the jump.

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Eclipse Magazine presents GeekScholars Movie News 045 – Preview Reviews for Breaking Dawn Part 2, Anna Karenina, Monsters University, Dredd; Movie Review of Brave

GeekScholars Movie NewsTONS of preview reviews on this week’s episode of GeekScholars Movie News! We’ve got something for everyone as we look at the recently released trailers for: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, Anna Karenina, Monsters University, and Dredd. Four very, very different films, so listen in to hear what we thought.

After that, we jump right into our review of Pixar’s latest, Brave. GeekScholars Fox and Jill were on duty again this week, and like most other critics, they had some mixed feelings on the highly anticipated film.

Finally, during the quickies portion of the show, the GeekScholars discuss the latest happenings regarding a bevy of films including: a biopic of Texas Rangers’ Josh Hamilton, White House Taken, Transformers 4, The Wolf of Wall Street, and a potential Sesame Street movie.


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