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CIFF Review: LFO: Sounds Like Dark Fun!

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A lonely, sad sack scientist wannabe discovers a combination of very low frequencies that appear to make people extremely suggestible. At first, he uses his discovery to act out his wildest fantasies, but then, as his past catches up with him, he goes farther than even he could have imagined.

LFO is a micro-budgeted, low-fi sci-fi comedy from Sweden’s Antonio Tublen that looks at human nature in a supremely twisted way. It was one of my favorite films at this year’s Calgary International Film Festival.

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Trailer: Unidentified: What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas–If You Survive It!

Identified DVD

When four friends amass gambling debts in Las Vegas, they think they’ve got problems. They have no idea.

Dark Sky Films has a history of making good, low-budget thrillers ranging from pure horror to sci-fi. Unidentified takes found footage and a mix of sci-fi, comedy and thriller to create a film that certainly appears to live up to the Dark Sky reputation. Check out the very entertaining trailer and original poster after the jump. Unidentified comes to Digital Download and DVD on February 11th.

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Bitter Feast: A Chef’s Vengeance Boils Over!

Bitter Feast

When a food blogger’s review – coupled with his own pretentiousness and arrogance – bring Chef Peter Grey’s world crashing down around him, he plots a foodie’s vengeance. Bitter Feast hovers somewhere between a standard vengeance flick and a psychological horror movie.

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DVD REVIEW: The House of the Devil – Old School Thriller!

The House of the Devil opens with a graphic card that claims seventy per cent of American adults in the ‘80s believed that there were Satanic cults that abducted and sacrificed people – and that thirty per cent believed that we didn’t hear about because of a government cover up. So, we know going that this a particular type of horror film.


Samantha [Jocelin Donahue] is a college student who needs to come up with a lot of money to cover the rent of an apartment – which she needs to get away from her slutty, slobby dorm roommate. When she spies a flyer on one of the various bulletin/flyer boards on campus, she thinks she’s got it made – despite some good advice from her best friend, Megan [Greta Gerwig]. The circumstances surrounding the babysitting job are peculiar to say the least – and the couple who hire her are beyond odd. But, she needs the money – and even an impending lunar eclipse can’t sway her.

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