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Random House Reissuing The Alienist Ahead of TNT Series!

Random House is reissuing Caleb Carr’s psychological thriller The Alienist in anticipation of TNT’s series based the novel. Set in 1896 amidst a backdrop of vast wealth, extreme poverty and technological innovation, this psychological thriller stars Daniel Brühl (Rush), Luke Evans (The Girl on The Train), Dakota Fanning (American Pastoral) and Brian Geraghty (The Hurt Locker). Viewers will […]

Asimovian Trailer: Eva!

When Alex returns to his home town to help design a robot child, he uses his 10-year old niece, Eva, as a source of inspiration – but his growing relationship with his niece causes him to have second thoughts. Eva is a sci-fi thriller that is finally coming to North America because of The Weinstein […]