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Body Of Proof Proves Beyond A Doubt That Dana Delaney Is A Genuine TV Star!

Body of Proof - Donna Svennevik

The premiere of ABC’s new series, Body of Proof [Tuesdays, 10/9C], presents as a procedural in which a crusty former neurosurgeon becomes a crusader medical examiner – a female Quincy, so to speak, but with fewer social graces and more intrusiveness. The situations which come up in the pilot are ludicrous but Delaney’s presence and will render them as acceptable as any forensic anthropologist teamed up with an FBI agent, or mystery novelist teamed up with a crack homicide detective.

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Body of Proof: Much Anticipated Dana Delaney Series, Gets March 2011 Premiere Date!

Body of Proof - ABC-Donna Svennevik

When ABC presented its fall 2010 schedule, it was a major disappointment that Body of Proof, starring Dana Delaney as a brilliant neurosurgeon turned Medical Examiner hadn’t been included. The series had had incredible buzz and Delaney had a strong following from her time on Desperate Housewives and other projects dating all the way back to China Beach.

Today, ABC announced that Body of Proof will premiere on March 29, 2011. The press release follows the jump.

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TELEVISION: Dana Delaney Sparks Explosive New Castle!

When ABC’s Castle [tonight, 10/9C] premiered last season, it was a clever twist on the veteran detective/amateur sleuth kind of series. It introduced a wit and charm that felt very much like classic series like Moonlighting and Murder, She Wrote, but with a fresh twist – the detective is veteran police detective Kate Beckett; the amateur sleuth is bestselling mystery writer Richard Castle [Nathan Fillion].

Jordan Shaw & Castle Cast

That Castle has become a very sophisticated show, without in any way seeming snobbish, is exemplified by tonight’s episode, Tick, Tick, Tick… – which introduces hotshot FBI profiler, Special Agent Jordan Shaw. Shaw has all kinds of new toys [she scans a fingerprint with her cell phone [prompting Castle to inquire, There’s an app for that?] and, once she gets past the idea of a writer helping a murder investigation, almost instantly develops a rapport with Castle that mirrors his rapport with Beckett. It’s both a novel twist and a send-up of the actual series.

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DVD REVIEW: Desperate Housewives, Season 4: Sizzling Secrets Edition

Last season’s addition of two new couples [one gay] to the inhabitants of Wisteria Lane sparked a season of television that ranked right up with the first season’s deliriously/deliciously funny first year. Of course, one member of one couple was a former resident of Wisteria Lane who was returning after a dozen years. Katherine [Dana Delaney] and Adam [Nathan Fillion] Mayfair and her daughter, Dylan Davis [Lyndsy Fonseca] brought one of the season’s darkest secrets with them, while the gay couple, Bob Hunter [Tuc Watkins] and Lee McDermott [Kevin Rahm] brought the world’s ugliest lawn ornament.

Housewives, S4

Katherine brought one other thing to the show – competition for Bree in the Make-Martha-Stewart-Look-Like-a-Piker Sweepstakes and Adam’s profession [gynecologist] led to some unusual [and unusually funny scenes early in the season. Meanwhile, Lynette [Felicity Huffman] and Tom Scavo [Doug Savant] had to deal with Tom’s daughter from his first marriage, Kayla [Rachel Fox] – a true demon seed if ever there was one. Add to that the Carlos-Gaby-Victor triangle; prospective in-laws; Edie’s usual machinations and the drama of a gay wedding… sorry, commitment ceremony… and that would do for an entire season on any other show. Then, there was the tornado…

The balance between the dramatic and comedic aspects of the series has never been better and the cast really tore into the material. Season four even spawned an episode that could contend for FX and set design Emmys with the tornado and aftermath episodes. If Marc Cherry decided to end the series tomorrow, it could have no better send-off.

Continuing his innovations, Marc Cherry came up with a great concept for the DVD package for season four: Couples’ Commentaries. Each of five episodes has a commentary track by the actors who play one of the main couples on the show, plus there are two additional commentaries of the traditional nature.

Features: Audio Commentaries: Marc Cherry, Bob Dailey and Jeff Greenstein on the season premiere, “Now You Know,” and Marc Cherry, Nicollette Sheridan and David Warren on Mother Said; Couples’ Commentaries: Marcia Cross and Kyle MacLachlan on Now I Know, Don’t Be Scared; Dana Delaney and Nathan Fillion on Distant Past; Eva Longoria Parker and Ricardo Antonio Chavira on Something’s Coming; Felicity Huffman and Doug Savant on Welcome to Kanagawa, and Teri Hatcher and James Denton on Mother said; Getting Desperate: From Beginning to End – following the making of Something’s Coming; Spare Time: Hanging With the Men of Wisteria Lane; Cherry-Picked: Creator Marc Cherry’s Favorite Scenes [with optional commentary]; Alternate ending [with optional commentary]; Deleted Scenes [with optional commentary], and a Blooper Reel. There is also an eight-page booklet designed as a Fairview Reality flyer with realtor’s descriptions of the eight houses we’ve seen in the show, along with ads for local businesses and a list of episode titles and some [but not all] of the bonus features [at the least, they could have included the list of commentary tracks].

Grade: Desperate Housewives, Season 4 – A

Grade: Features – A

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