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Turkey Time: A Prayer for Mr. T: The SuperMansion Thanksgiving Special!

In Sony Crackle’s holiday special, A Prayer for Mr. T: The SuperMansion Thanksgiving Special,  the annual Thanksgiving turkey competition between Titanium Rex (Bryan Cranston) and Dr. Devizo (Chris Pine) goes awry when Rex’s turkey transforms into a nightmarish bird monster whose eggs hatch additional freakish bird creatures at an alarming rate. A Prayer for Mr. T: […]

NYCC 2017: Here There Will Always Be Mystery Trailer: Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams!

Amazon released the first trailer for its sci-fi anthology series Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams at New York Comic-Con 2017 earlier today. The trailer gives glimpses of its all-star cast – Steve Buscemi, Bryan Cranston, Greg Kinnear, Anna Paquin, Terrence Howard, Maura Tierney, Janelle Monae, Richard Madden, Liam Cunningham, Vera Farmiga, Juno Temple, Essie Davis, Benedict […]