Comic Con Exclusive: Heeding the (Casting) Call: Becoming a ‘Sexy Jesus’ to Promote Hamlet 2

EMs Roving Reporter and the Sexy Jesus Guys

EM's Roving Reporter and the 'Sexy Jesus' Guys

There I was walking around the lobbies of San Diego Convention center taking in all the wonders of the 2008 San Diego Comic Con Convention and looking for unique and interesting things to tell EM readers about when suddenly I found myself surrounded by 15 handsome, long-haired, well built young men wearing muscle tees, blue jeans and all proclaiming to be ‘Sexy Jesus’. Being the red-blooded female that I am, I was of course basking in the attention of so many sexy young men, but the reporter in me was already bringing out the mike to ask the big question: “Who and What is Sexy Jesus and what does it all mean.”

The guys were on their way outside to the fountain area outside of the convention center to do some ‘meeting and greeting’ with convention goers to promote the movie Hamlet 2 and they invited me to come along and they would tell me all about it. Hey when 15 hot young guys invite you to tag along with them and get the inside scoop for your readers, this reporter was not going to turn them down. Besides what girl wouldn’t want to be seen sailing through the halls with an entourage of gorgeous men in her wake. Things like that just don’t happen every day to me! 

So just exactly how do handsome young men, who ranged from being law students and construction workers to up and coming actors in real life, become ‘Sexy Jesus’ you ask or rather I asked of the guys once we were all outside in the bright California sunshine which sparkled off the water ‘jumping’ in graceful arcs in the fountain behind us.

“It takes sexy appeal and positive attitude,” A fellow who would only identify himself to me as ‘Jesus’ told me, smiling almost as brightly as the sunshine. In fact all but one of them, up and coming actor Tony Napoli, seem to have the same name.

When I commented on this, another very attractive young man said rather wisely, “you’ll never get the name wrong.”

How true.

For actor Tony Napoli, his involvement in this project of promoting the movie Hamlet 2 as one of their many ‘Sexy Jesus’ went back a ways from this appearance at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con. “It must have been six years ago when it all began for me,” the handsome 29 year-old says turning serious about his work in promoting this project. “But it was also a matter of opportunity and timing.”

So what was the main goal that these guys had for themselves in their roles as ‘Sexy Jesus’ at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con?

“We’re all here to pump up the movie, Hamlet 2 that’s coming out August 22nd 2008. We’re letting everyone know about the film, giving away premium stuff to promote it and just getting things out there,” Napoli tells me as he goes on to explain the concept of the movie. “It’s a comedy written by Pam Brady (co-writer of South Park) and Andrew Fleming (co-writer of Team America) about an awful actor named Dana Marschcz (played by Steve Coogan) who becomes an even worse drama teacher at a high school who decides to put on a politically incorrect play called Hamlet 2 which features a character called ‘Sexy Jesus’.”

As everyone knows, Hamlet is a very tragic play written by William Shakespeare in which all of the characters die at the end. For Hamlet 2 the character Marschcz decides to add a twist to the tale. “In this case for Hamlet 2, there is a time machine that brings in the character of Sexy Jesus.”

Does ‘Sexy Jesus’ save Hamlet?

“You’ll have to watch the movie and find out,” so says several smiling ‘Sexy Jesus’ all at once.

Hamlet 2 also stars Katherine Keener, David Arquette, Amy Poehler and Elizabeth Shue and opens in theaters on Friday August 22nd. Check out the Hamlet 2 site for more information about this ridiculously funny comedy.