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Sean’s Best & Worst of ’01

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BESTMementoAmelieIn The BedroomMoulin RougeHarry Potter and the Sorcerer’s StoneSpy KidsA Beautiful MindAliShrekThe ScoreWORSTKeep in mind, I managed to avoid TOMCATS, DRIVEN, GLITTER and SAY IT ISN’T SO, but here it goes…John Carpenter’s Ghosts of MarsFreddy Got FingeredHead Over HeelsSweet NovemberScary Movie 2Hardball3,000 Miles To GracelandJoe DirtSugar & SpiceDr. Doolittle 2

Michelle’s Top 10 Final List

Ok, folks in the entire history of running EM, I think this is the very first time that yours truly has put together a best/worst film list of 2001. I’ll go on record as saying I probably only saw 50 – 80 films this year of those 80 films, I barely remember 15 of them, that alone 10 films, I would consider gems. So for those that care about these sorts of lists Here it is.

1) Not Another Teen Movie A laugh out loud funny movie, that has stayed with me longer than any film this year. Can’t be defended on it’s artistic merrits, but it’s a comedy, therefore really doesn’t have to be. A comedy only needs to make you laugh to succeed and Not Another Teen Movie does that, I still laugh everytime I think about it.2) Moulin Rouge The first 45 – 50 minutes of this film is an bold, audacious mess. But the last hour is brilliant. As they said in Spinal Tap – “”There’s a fine line between brilliance and stupidity””.3) Shrek Hey who didn’t laugh at The Gingerbread man being tortured or the 7 dwalves being lead out in chains?4) Jay and Silent Bob An hysterical comedy while you watch it, but instantly forgettable. 5) A Knight’s Tale Paul Bettany’s boffo performance as Chauncer is what elevates “”A Knight’s Tale”” from being a perfectly mediocre film into being a memorable filmgoing experience.6) Final Fantasy (I’m the only person on the planet who dug this film) Many people did not get this film and the complex story. But I did, I loved it’s stunning visuals and the story’s mix of eastern religions with it’s own unique take and traditional manga pathos about the end of the world. The two things I really didn’t like was the use of recognizable stars for the voiceover work (it takes you out of the film) and the formless bad guys.7) Harry PotterA fun Hollywood popcorn film8) Brotherhood of The Wolf A weird film to categorize, it’s a 17th Century French period piece complete with horror elements, a mystery, Kung Fu action and supernatural thriller all rolled into one. And did I mention it has subtitles? Yet this mess of an idea works and sucks you in. The wheels fall of during the last 1/2 hour but it’s a fun ride while it lasts.9) Series 7 What can I say? If you ever wondered what would happen if someone created a reality television show where the whole premise is you need to kill the other contestants or be killed then this wickedly funny satire is for you.10) Exit Wounds Oh my god! Steven Segal in a film that doesn’t Suck!Worst 1) A.I. – I walked out 40 minutes into it. Pompous, borring, pretentious and preachy. Steven Spielberg has forgotten how to make a fun, watchable movie. Saving Private Ryan was only good for the first 1/2 hr, the rest of it was dribble.2) In The Bedroom Great acting, horrible movie. The film basically ends an hr into it and then the remaining 1 1/2 you are watching a lifeless corpse. Oh, how I wanted to walk out of this. Marissa Tormei deserves an Oscar nod for her incredible performance. 3) MementoThis is an example of a film that had no reason for existing, a boring, cliche, filled plot and only succeeded with the critics because it had a “”hook””. You take away the film’s gimmick and you have a 1/2 hour ho-hum, run of the mill movie. I watched this on DVD and could barely sit through it was so awful.4) O Brother Where Art Thou – Barely watchable Other than that song, what was this film about? Was there any point in it being made?5) HannibalI hated Silence of The Lambs, and I tried to read the book to Hannibal and couldn’t finish it, so what made me think the movie Hannibal would be any better? Lame, lame, lame movie. 5) SnatchInteresting ideas, horrible execution. 6) The Gift Another overrated snooze fest of a film. Why is Cate Blanchett even in movies?7) The One Jet Li what happened to you? You were so good in your Hong Kong films, then you go Hollywood and you can’t make a good film to save your life. Although I do get a certain amount of perverse pleasure in watching Romeo Must Die over and over again.8) The ScoreAnother borring film, with big name stars in the standard heist plot. Next year can we please not have 5 films in a three week span that deal with the Old ex con who gets sucked into doing “”one last big score””? God I’m sick of this film plot/cliche, etc. Everyone in this troding film looked like they were sleepwalking. I want to be like Elvis and shoot the screen the next time a lead character says the line, “”I’m out. I’m finished. I’m done. I’m not going to do another score.””9) The Wedding PlannerI don’t get the J’lo craze. I’m sorry, I just don’t. 10) America’s Sweethearts/Lord of The Rings Couldn’t decide which film I was more disappointed with America’s Sweethearts or LOTR so I just put them both at number 10 for essentially the same reason – wasted potential. I would be tempted to move LOTR up higher on my list, just on general principal, because of the combination of it’s hype and mediocrity, instead judging the film apart from the hype and on it’s own merrits it has to tie at number 10. I managed to avoid Rat Race, Tomcats, Puttie Tang, Glitter and Freddy Got Fingered, the trailers for the first two and my strong dislike of Tom Green was enough to stop me from going to see these films. And I have Rat Race and Freddy Got Fingered both on DVD and VHS and still haven’t bothered to watch it. Maybe one day I’ll be bored enough to do it.And for my best list I didn’t see Ghost World, or Amelie yet.