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APPLE NEWS: New iPhone 3Gs Announced at Underwhelming Press Conference!

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Color me underwhelmed by today’s WWDC Keynote, they spent way too much time going over “cool” apps for the iPhone, but it’s now official there’s a 32-Gig iPhone. I just signed up with AT&T a few months ago and the only thing I really wanted was more storage, so assuming I can upgrade (which I was told I would be able to), I’ll pick this one up. But if I was at the end of my contract I doubt if I would get this. What are the new features you ask? Copy and Paste, WOW! Revolutionary! A new Video Camera and it looks like they are trying to improve the quality of the pictures with things like AutoFocus. I did like the Tom Tom Go Integration features, but without Pricing listed it’s hard to get too excited about it. But several of the features are hampered by being on AT&T, one of them that I’d really like to get is Tethering. The 3Gs will launch on the 19th for $199 for 16 Gig and $299 for the 32-Gig, you can get an 8 Gig 3G iPhone for $99 today. Here’s the official Press Release.

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APPLE WWDC: WWDC Starts today, iPhones, SDK 3.0 and more!


Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not an Apple Fangirl, I’m actually a Windows Fangirl who uses Apple Products. Although, I’m seriously considering switching back to Windows because I’m tired of getting gear that doesn’t play nicely with my Macbook and I don’t particularly like running Parallels. I find it slow, sluggish and just a bit silly using Windows on a Mac. But today it’s the start of Apple’s annual dog and pony show WWDC where we’re expected to get an announcement of new iPhones. I just signed a contract with AT&T for my current iPhone, so I’m looking forward to upgrading to the new rumored 32-gig model (what I’d love is for Apple to surprise us and give us an 80 Gig iPhone). When I do, I’ll probably have a contest here to give away my old 32-Gig iPod Touch. So far I’m digging my iPhone, although when I was in Salem, VA last week there was no 3G to be found and my phone was basically “Useless,” as an Internet device.

The rumor and fanboy (re: Press) spooging hasn’t been that bad leading up to this event, maybe it’s because everyone has been focused on E3 and the Palm Pre launch that they didn’t have the energy to go into full hype overload, but it’ll happen this evening.  The latest rumors says the iPhone will come in new sizes 4 and 32 Gigs, feature a FM Radio, and a built in Video Camera. Like I said, I’m going to be stuck with the iPhone eco-system for the next two years, so I’ll be getting the latest model as long as it’s at least 32-gigs.   The Press Conference starts today at 1pm EST, I recommend checking out Engadget.com, if you must get up to the minute announcements.  I’ll do a wrap up tonight.