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My Soul To Take – Worst Movie of the Year. Michelle’s Review

My Soul To Take Review

For some reason traffic in the DC Area on Friday afternoons are always extra horrible, it’s not uncommon for it to take me three hours to get home.  Recently, instead of attending screenings during the week, I’ve started avoiding the Beltway parking lot by checking out movies on opening day. Lately it’s been a real struggle to find a movie worth going to. Desperate to avoid this week’s jam up, I decided to see My Soul To Take. I mean it’s Wes Craven’s return to horror it should be fun, man was I wrong. This is truly, the worst film I’ve seen all year and to add insult to injury I had to pay the 3D premium price for one of the worst 3D translations of the year.

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Movie Review: A Nightmare On Elm Street Reboot Lacks Imagination, Creepiness of the Original

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Ok, so yes, I am old enough to have seen the original 1984 version of A Nightmare on Elm Street in the theaters. To remember sitting in the darkened theater and being mesmerized and scared by this horrifying looking creature who could kill people in their dreams. Freddy Krueger,as created by Wes Craven played by Robert Englund, was nightmares personified. However I am also open minded enough to go into a reboot of any movie and see what the new creative forces behind it have to offer from the old.  I liked the reboot of Halloween by Rob Zombie, I like Marcus Nispal’s updated version of Friday the 13th.

However I was, for the most part, left unimpressed with New Line Cinema/Platinum Dunes’ and director Samuel Bayer’s attempt to update and reboot A Nightmare on Elm Street. The most disappointing part about this reaction, is that I really wanted to like the movie, I really wanted to come out of it as impressed by the characterizations and storytelling as I was when I came out of the theater after seeing the original back in 1984.

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Movie News: Courtney Cox and David Arquette Signed on for Scream 4

 Yes, Virgina, there is going to be a Scream 4.


Everyone knows that no successful horror franchise really ever dies off and so it goes that the inevitable Scream 4 is in the works and word is that David Arquette and his wife Courtney Cox have signed on to reprise their roles.

Cox and Arquette have both been with the Scream movies since the very first one in 1996.  In the original Scream Arquette played the role of Deputy Dwight ‘Dewey’ Riley and Cox played tabloid news reporter Gail Weathers. Both actors reprised their respective roles in Scream 2 and 3.

“I fell in love with my wife on Scream,” David Arquette is quoted as saying. “So the opportunity to bring [Dewey] back to life and for my wife to play that really bitchy character again, it’s just going to be really fun. It’s just great.”

David Arquette has also confirmed that Kevin Williamson the writer/creator of the original Scream movie is on board to write number 4 and that they are looking an eye towards Wes Craven to again take on directing duties. There is no word on whether or not Neve Campbell will come on board as well to reprise her role as  Sydney Prescott who was the killer’s target in the first movie.

No production date is set yet for this movie.