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Emergency! Kevin Tighe visits Trauma Tonight

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Trauma has already inserted several small shout-outs into its scripts, thus continuing the tradition of paying proper homage to one’s predecessors.  And the homage continues with the return of Kevin Tighe to a guest role.  While he will not be reprising his Roy DeSoto character (pictured on left with his co-star Mantooth), we will be able to spot him playing a substitute captain instead.  Kevin has had a very successful career spanning over forty years which has included appearances most recently on ‘Lie to Me’, ‘Leverage’, ‘Law & Order’, ‘Numbers’ and ‘Lost’, to name a few.  It will be nice to see him again making an appearance on the current series that has drawn inspiration from his old playground.  Trauma can be seen on NBC Mondays at 9:00 pm.

Trauma – Rooting for the Underdog

I am not ashamed to admit that I have a soft spot for underdogs.  Especially ones that are actually entertaining and exhibit adequate promise.  NBC’s Trauma, which revolves around a team of first responders and paramedics based in San Francisco, is one of those underdogs currently deserving of attention.

After a three-month absence (it would be a misnomer to call it a hiatus), the show returned with new episodes and very little promotion.  Even dedicated fans were not sure that the series was back on the air.  Therefore it was no surprise that the ratings for the past two episodes have not been very healthy.  Last week was very low, but Monday’s numbers saw a decent gain, close to its pre-absence numbers.  At this point it would be just too easy to use all the cliche expressions:  Trauma is on life support, and Trauma needs ratings, stat!  The truth is that when it first premiered it took the series several episodes to find its groove.  It is now working like a good series should, with interesting characters facing personal challenges amidst their work environment which drives the action of the show.  What started as a spectacle of explosions and stunts is now a good blend of action, drama and characters.  That’s the good news.  Unfortunately it might be a little too late since NBC has now halted production earlier than expected.  And there have been other challenges along the way, so now is the time for a call to arms to help this series stay on the air.

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Trauma Returns to NBC

With little fanfare and even less promotion, Trauma is set to return to the schedule on NBC starting Monday, March 8.  Especially now that the late-night fiasco has played itself out and five more slots traditionally meant for hard-hitting, mature-content dramas open up in the ten o’clock hour. With five hours to fill, NBC is now falling back on its reliable workhorse, the Law and Order franchise, as it carries out a game of musical chairs to fill those spots vacated by the failed Leno-in-Primetime experiment.  Trauma was a natural choice to return to the schedule.  It was still in the process of completing its original set of ordered episodes before NBC made the somewhat premature announcement to ‘cancel’ it.  Sadly this worked against the series, which was already facing an uphill battle in that no one was interested in investing time and emotion in a series guaranteed to go away.  Yet, despite the ‘cancellation’, NBC ordered more episodes bringing the tally at that time to a total of 16.  Hardly chump change in terms of episodes for a ‘canceled’ series.  Therefore, I wish NBC would just label the show as being ‘on hiatus’ since its last aired episode at the end of November.

Without any surprise, NBC still continues with decisions that make no sense.  Instead of giving ‘Trauma’ a fighting chance at the 10pm spot and putting their powerhouse L&O at 9pm, they put this little David to do battle with the Goliaths known as ’24’ (FOX) and ‘Two and a half Men’ (CBS),  not to mention whatever reality fare ABC can throw at us.  Hopefully the extra kick provided by ‘Chuck’ as a lead-in can help out where the lead-in provided by the declining ‘Heroes’ had failed.

Trauma focuses on the lives and work of paramedics and other emergency personnel, while the charismatic city of San Francisco is the backdrop of all the action.  Among the wide ensemble cast, the series stars Cliff Curtis, Anastasia Griffith, Aimee Garcia, Derek Luke, Taylor Kinney and Kevin Rankin.

“Trauma” airs Mondays at 9:00 pm on NBC.

Photo credit to NBC/Mitchell Haaseth

TRAUMA: Exclusive On-Set Look at episode 1.09 “Going Home”. And keep watching, cancellation is not imminent!



It is quite unnerving to see a real plane sitting on its belly, ripped in half, flames shooting out of its cabin, not to mention one engine lying burning to the side, and luggage strewn about.  Even when you know it is just make-believe, the sight your eyes take in still makes quite an impact.  Such was the set of the ninth episode of Trauma titled “Going Home,” filmed mostly across the San Francisco Bay on Alameda at the Naval Air Base that is no longer used as such.  The San Francisco skyline once again stood guard in the background, as it often does in so many of the beautifully filmed high definition aerials.  After a brief ride past costume and make-up trailers, lines of ambulances and fire trucks, and stretches of empty runways, we come to the end of one runway to gaze upon the eerie sight of the crashed plane.  The props department really outdid itself with the carnage littering the field and no doubt they raided every thrift store in the area to purchase the tons of luggage, old clothes, purses, and stuffed animals blanketing the area.  The costly production values that go into each episode will be quite evident here not only in the scene of the crash, but the special effects that lead up to it.

Just in time for Thanksgiving week, “Going Home” is the story of people doing what thousands do around this time — traveling to see and spend time with their loved ones.  But Thanksgiving travel is halted when an airliner is forced to make an emergency landing. 


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“Trauma” Soars as an Entertaining Ride

Trauma cast[2]

Watching the first five minutes of TRAUMA, there were moments I may have actually forgotten to breathe! What seemed to start out as a typical let’s-get-to-know-the-characters scenario quickly evolved into an action-packed, adrenaline-rush roof rescue complete with terrific special effects. While most medically-oriented shows take place inside the hospital and revolve around events and what happens to patients once they get past the sliding double doors, TRAUMA lets us experience the events surrounding the scene of the accident before those patients get through those sliding double doors (and before we have any need for a scorecard to keep track of which doctor and nurse are sharing a bed for the week).

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TELEVISION NEWS: NBC ADDS 6 Series For Fall; Fate of Chuck Still Unknown!

According to reports, NBC has added four dramas and two comedies to their 2009 fall schedule – while the fate of spy comedy, Chuck, and paranormal family drama, Medium, remain to be revealed.


The new NBC dramas are:

Trauma: follows the loves of Emergency Medical Technicians [EMTs] as they deal with the intense medical cases in which they become involved. Trauma stars Anastasia Griffith [Damages], and is produced by Peter Berg [Friday Night Lights].

Parenthood: a contemporary take on the real family dynamic, and based on Ron Howard’s film of twenty years ago; Mercy, a soap built around a young nurse, recently returned from Iraq, and the people she works with now. Peter Krause [Six Feet Under], Craig T. Nelson [Coach] and Maura Tierney [E.R.] star, and the series is produced by Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Jason Katims [Friday Night Lights].

Mercy: a “female-oriented soap” about a young nurse recently returned from Iraq, and her life and adventures. Mercy stars Taylor Schilling [Dark Matter] and co-stars Michelle Trachtenberg [Gossip girl]; the team of Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun [both former network heads] produce.

Day One: a post-apocalyptic drama about a small group of surivivors who survive and have survive while trying to find out what happened. Adam Campbell [Date Movie] and Julie Gonzalo [Eli Stone] star, while Jesse williams [Heroes] will produce.

The new comedies are:

Community: about a group of educational misfits at Greendale Community College who start a study group headed up by a disbarred lawyer. The Soup’s Joel McHale is the lawyer and Chevy Chase co-stars. Joe and Anthony Russo [Arrested Development] are Community’s creative team. Like other NBC comedies, Community will be a one camera show.

100 Questions: Some one may be taking compatibility quizzes a little too seriously in 100 Qyestions, in which a woman tries to find Mr. Right by answering the titular questions from said test. Sophie Winkleman [The British series, Peep Show] stars. The series was created by Christopher Moynihan [For Your Consideration] and the pilot was directed by James Burrows [Cheers, Friends].