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Television: Syfy Channel Has Begun Production on ‘Back Door Pilot’ Red Faction: Origins


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More and more studios and networks have been turning to video games to find fodder for movies and television series that will appeal to the ‘synth world’ generation. So it’s no surprise that The Syfy Channel has begun production on a ‘back door pilot’ for a new television series based on the video game, Red Faction.

According to Alan Seiffert of Syfy, “It is the kind of content that fits our genre, it is a great fit for a big Syfy Saturday movie, and if it really works, it is a great back-door pilot.” Seiffert also believes that there is plenty of room for SyFy to expand its relationship with the Red Faction video game even further.

THQ’s, which produces the Red Faction video games agrees with Syfy.  THQ Core VP, Danny Bilson  has stated that the Red Faction TV film is part of “the most robust trans-media plays anybody’s ever seen in the games business.”

Red Faction: Origins began principle production on January 17, 2011 and stars Robert Patrick and Brian J. Smith.  SyFy has set a tentative air date as sometime in March, 2011.

Star Wars Trench Run 2.0 Update

Just in time for Comic Con, THQ updates their popular game, Star Wars: Trench Run. The update includes the following new levels:

  • Escape – Man the turrets of the Millennium Falcon to fight off the attacking TIE fighters to deliver Princess Leia safely to the hidden Rebel base!
  • Han Solo – From the bottom gun turret of the Millennium Falcon, flying just above the trench, fight to protect Gold Squadron’s Y-wings during the Battle of Yavin!
  • Han Solo Arcade – Protect the 3 Y-wings and destroy on-coming surface cannons and incoming TIE fighters as long as you can!

New Ships include, Millennium Falcon, Y-wing, TIE fighter, Darth Vader’s Advanced TIE fighter.  Overall this is a very nice, meaty update. The game costs $4.99 in the iTunes Store.

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Michelle has a Gut Reaction for Darksiders!

Who says January through March is a slow month in the gaming industry. After taking the month of December off, the industry has returned with a vengeance in January, we have 5 big games this month Bayonetta (which I hated – 15 minutes of cut and loading screens for 5 minutes of gameplay), Dark Void (which I hated) and Darksiders. Then next week we have M.A.G. and Mass Effect 2, this Gut Reaction is about a weird little gem called Darksiders. I’ve played about 8 hours of this game so far, but according to the game stats I’m only 2 1/2 hours in – how is this possible?

Many early reviews have said that this game is a Zelda done right for the next generation and yeah, I can see some similarities between the two games, but I don’t think it’s as blatant as everyone is making it out to be. I mean sure at some point in the game you get a horse (which I haven’t seen yet) and you do have to collect skulls to sell to some demon to get your weapon upgrades and you are running around castles instead of dungeons, but really by now aren’t these standard gameplay mechanics by now? I think reviewers who spend hundreds of words talking about how this game is like Zelda misses the point.

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Turok hits the shelves this week.


Oh for Turok. Can this week’s release of Turok bring the franchise back to it’s former glory. One of the storied video game franchises of the “32-bit” error saved THQ from extinction it was a critical and commercial hit back in the day. Then the franchise hit a patch where THQ couldn’t shoot straight – both literally and figuratively. They eventually sold the rights to a new publisher/developer Touchstone. Can they breath life back into this franchise? From what I’ve seen of the new next-gen version it looks beautiful. I played the demo on X-Box 360 and this is a title I’m looking forward to. Killing Dinosaurs is always fun. The one thing I’m not sure of is if they kept the mode where you can eat humans. Here’s the press release and tasty images. Humans……yummy….


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