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Seth MacFarlane announces NEW Big Band album

To those of you that watched The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night was in for a real treat. For you Family Guy fans out there, Seth MacFarlance was a guest on The Tonight Show and he had a big announcement to make. The announcement was that he was working on a Big Band album for Universal Republic Records. Seth MacFarlane will be actually singing on the album and when Jay asked what kind of music/compositions……Seth’s response was “Swing arrangements of classic tunes. We kind of deliberately touched stuff that the Deans (Martin) and the Franks (Sinatra) and the Sammys (Davis Jr.) didn’t do yet.” Again for those that saw the show last night, Seth MacFarlane did a performance of one of his songs called “Cream In My Coffee”. I personally enjoyed the performance last night and thought it was great. For those that wish to see his performance, NBC/The Tonight Show was kind enough to post a video clip so check it out below:

There currently is no release date on the album but I will post more news about this as it becomes available.

*picture courtesy of NBC Press/NBC Universal