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Sony Releasing Cheaper 3D Televisions

Sony Bravia 3D TV

They really are pushing the 3D TV “revolution” this fall – too bad there’s no 3D content to actually watch. Sony is adding 3D to it’s new midrange NX800 Seriesof Edge LED lit HDTVs that came out earlier this year.  The 3D will add $200 to the price tag and will include two 3D Blu-ray movies and a voucher to download free 3D games on the PlayStation Network.  The televisions will include an ambient light sensor and Sony’s Bravia Internet Apps. I don’t know, every time I’ve seen a Sony 3D TV display it’s been pretty substandard compared to Mitsibushi and Samsung’s 3D TV Offerings and Sony is crazy with their pricing – 46Inch  will set you back $3,000, 55 inch – $3,700 clams and the monster 60 inch will set you back $4,700 and they don’t even give you a free set of Glasses!

Westinghouse 2010 TV Lineup

I was at Best Buy last weekend and watched this poor woman trying to decide which TV she should get. I told her that she should wait until this summer before purchasing a new television. We’re finally going to start seeing Internet Enabled TVs, 3D TVs, super thin TVs, and eco-friendly sets.  The folks at Westinghouse apparently don’t believe in the whole Convergence thing as they don’t have any Internet enabled models coming up, but their upcoming line-up still looks pretty tasty – Thin, Pretty, and not hogging energy at a reasonable price? I’m down with that. Take a look at some of their upcoming models.

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CES 2010: Vizio Announces Slate of new 3D Televisions

In the first of what will be numerous 3D Television announcements. Vizio has 3 brand new 3D enabled televisions on the way in 72, 55, and 47 inch configurations. You’d think they’d be outrageously expensive, but no, they are $3499, $2499, and $1999 respectively. A 72 inch flat panel 3D television for $3499?  Can’t beat that! The television will feature wireless HDMI, and Vizio’s new Internet Apps. The full press release is after the break.

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