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Dad Puts People Like Us In Jail Trailer: The Gifted!

The first full-length trailer for FOX’s Marvel series The Gifted has been released and it gives us a look at why the Stewart family has gone on the run – an unfortunate response to bullying has provoked an uncontrolled reaction from son Andy.

What makes this so important is that his sister, Lauren, also has powers – and their father, Reed, works for the agency (Sentinel Services) that hunts down and sequesters mutants away from the general public – ‘to secure the safety of the community.’

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‘The Caller’ Will Be Ringing Up Suspense In Select Theaters On August 26th



‘The Caller’, is a supernatural thriller that stars Rachelle Lefevre as a troubled young woman named Mary Kee. Mary is in the process of settling into a new apartment while also dealing with divorce proceedings from her estranged husband. Her new apartment seems to be the first step towards a new life for Mary until she finds herself being the target of a series of sinister phone calls from a mysterious older woman.  When the calls become more unnerving, Mary tries to break off contact. The seemingly mentally unstable woman on the other side of the phone doesn’t like being ignored and begins tormenting the frightened Mary by seeking revenge in a unique, terrifying way. 

‘The Caller’, which is directed by Matthew Parkhill and written by Sergio Casci, also stars Stephen Moyer and Luis Guzmán. ‘The Caller’ is distributed by: Samuel Goldwyn Films.

Check out the trailer for the ‘The Caller’.

Comic Con 2009- Sneak Peek at True Blood

True Blood

July 26, 2009 – Tonight HBO is airing a brand new episode of their hit Vampire series, True Blood and at yesterday’s True Blood panel at the San Diego Comic Con, showrunner Alan Ball, novelist Charlaine Harris (whose Sookie Stackhouse novels comprise the basis for the series), and cast members Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Rutina Wesley, Nelsan Ellis, Michelle Forbes, Sam Trammell, Deborah Ann Woll, and Alexander Skarsgard were on hand to promote the show to what was reportedly a packed house comprised of media and devoted fans.

Reports from the event all state that the cast’s appearance received the most attention from the crowd. However the one-hour session also featured a promo for the back half of the second season of True Blood which was met with loud cheers from the audience at the end of it’s screening.

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