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Weavers: Wondrous Webs & $#!+!


Sid Thyme is in a bit of a spot. The second in command of the Weavers has died and given him her power. Now he’s a Weaver – no choice in the matter. But he’s also curious – a very bad thing to be in a gang of players with powers (even if he’s inherited the power of one of the gang’s heaviest hitters).

Weavers #1 is in stores now. Follow the jump for my review.

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Extermination: They Won; We Lost!

Extermination_1_CVA_newred Extermination_1_CVB Extermination_1_CVC

When an alien invasion shreds the Earth’s defenses and takes over the planet, humanity’s only hope is that the Earth’s superheroes and supervillains can overcome their enmity and work together to win the planet back.

That’s the premise of Boom! Studios new title, Extermination, which will ship its full-size, 22-page, one dollar premiere  in June.The book is written by Simon Spurrier [X-Club, Fear Itself: The Home Front, Crossed, Wolverine: Dangerous Games] and drawn by Jeffrey Edwards. An all-star cast of artists provides variant covers for the premiere issue,.

Follow the jump for a preview of Extermination – and ordering information.

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