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UBI-Soft Announces Tracklist for Rocksmith 2014


I have an Electric Guitar and haven’t had the inspiration to actually learn how to play it until now. UBI Soft’s Rocksmith game supposedly teaches people how to play guitar by making it a fun game. There are various game modes like Racing Games where cars race along a track as you play chords. Depending on how well you play the chords you will progress in your race. It is a very intriguing concept and way to learn. Check out the video clips after the break where we get a glimpse at how Rocksmith works. New features include Note Heads and Note Tails – that shows how you strike the notes, you can use your cable from 2013 with the new version, import all your 2013 tracks into 2014, improved menus, Kinect voice controls, non-stop play and more.  Some of the new tracks announced include Aerosmith’s – Walk this Way, Paramore’s – Now, The KinksYou Really Got Me, The Rolling Stone’s – Paint it Black and over 50 more songs. Rocksmith will work with any standard Electric Guitar and Acoustic – with a pickup.

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