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Grimm Moves to Tuesdays–Ready for Love is Gone!


Grimm is moving. Beginning April 30th, NBC’s supernatural cult hit will slide into the post-The Voice timeslot, replacing the recently cancelled Ready for Love. Grimm will remain in the 10pm Tuesday slot through May 21st.

Dateline will replace Grimm in at 9pm Fridays beginning April 26th.

No decision has been made as to where or when the remaining episodes of Ready for Love will be aired.

Ready For Love–NBC’s Bachelor-Times-Three!

Eek! It’s The Bachelor times three! The Dating Game with a dozen women competing to date each guy! Only with kibbutzing from the sidelines by three veteran matchmakers! At least they’re calling the 36 women who are split between the three guys on their BS… Could be snarky, savage fun…

If the reality show falters, it could still make a great premise for a satirical sitcom (12 Women for Ernesto) – or a deadly serious game show (The Desperate Dating Game?)!